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12:32 PM


I have boasted of the talent of my amazing friend Hassaun before on this blog, but it has been awhile and there is awesome news to share! First and foremost, Hassaun is open for commissions! If you haven't noticed, that picture about might be a drawing of me...with Loki. Hehehehe! A drawing with your favorite character? A fangirl's dream come true! Visit Hassaun's Facebook page, H.D. Harris, to check out some of his recent work, as well as messaging him any requests you might have, good idea for  gift for the holidays!

In other exciting news, Hassaun has started an original comic: The Chronicles of Amara (there is even a new, spiffy link in the sidebar). Hassaun writes, draws, and designs the entire comic, and updates it quite frequently, every Monday and Thursday, so check back often. Or, if you "like" his Facebook page, you can also keep up there, as he posts a link after each finished strip. What is the Chornicles of Amara about? A world of magic. The rest, you will have to learn for yourself. Now, go check it out right meow!

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6 Musings

  1. What do the initials on the coffee cup stand for?

  2. Oh..so talented! Hope you are having a Whovin night!

  3. Gah! So incredibly talented - I love this image!!


  4. What a fabulous talent! I'm loving his designs. Thanks for sharing Sara.


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