The Oncoming Storm

10:55 AM


I feel it is the calm before the storm. Everything seems quiet as a lamb now, but I know the minute I leave work I will be battling rush hour traffic, scrambling around the house to make cookies, cleaning the house after I trash it making said cookies, making sure that I have everything ready for my race in the morning, etc. Then of course there is the actual day: Run, parade, dinner 1, & dinner 2. Then? Probably enter a food coma. 

Kyle and I are definitely taking the weekend to ourselves,  this is the first Black Friday that I have had off in years. I am not planning on shopping, I really, really like things and all, but no. If you do partake in that monstrosity, please be kind. Be kind to the other shoppers, and of course the employees. I worked one Black Friday at Best Buy, years ago, and it was the worst. I mean, we got a really, really good lunch out of it, but everyone was required to work no less than ten hours, and let me tell you: People are bastards. There is nothing like getting screamed at because someone's credit card is declined, or because we sold out of a product, just to have 3-4 more people yell obscenities at you within the hour. Also be nice to the employees at fast-food restaurants/coffee shops etc. if you stop in. Those places are busy too, and also cannot be  held responsible if the last Elmo was sold out at Toys R Us, despite the fact that you waited in line for 10 hours. Also, make sure you drink water and take a break for a snack, you will probably be less cranky. Either way, be careful out there, kids!

IMG_4510 IMG_4509IMG_4512 IMG_4518

Coat-Forever 21
Skirt & Belt-Modcloth
Sweater-Gift from Kyle 

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15 Musings

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sara! Enjoy your long weekend! And very nice message about shopping - everyone should be kind!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to one of my favorites!! You look beautiful in your photos! Enjoy the quality time with your hubs oh, and best of luck at your turkey trot!!


  3. Very retty look, Im in love with your skirt!

  4. Love your outfit! That skirt looks just great with your navy pea coat. I can't even fathom shopping the black friday sales, way too intense for me. I'm glad you're off too!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. So love your hat! What a wonderful Thanksgiving outfit!

  6. I hope you guys don't get any awful weather..but I know you'll be ready for it. Love this outfit! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. *sigh* How can anyone look at your first picture and not consider you one of the most beautiful people on the planet?! Your beauty bowls me over.

    I like your words urging shoppers to be courteous. We need more civility in the world, especially during times of stress.

  8. i don't blame you. that's why i shop online. people seem to lose their minds. it's awful how they act. so many nasty personalities out there. love your coat sara! great outfit girl! :D

  9. You look so adorbs all bundled up, Sara! I LOVE that paisley print maxi!!

    I hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!


  10. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I love your skirt the print is awesome very 60s! i hope you have fun Black Friday shopping

  11. Oh storms are scary!
    I have never shopped on Black Friday before. It sounds so scary! I think people are insane and so materialistic on that day that it makes me want to just cry a lot. Anyway, your outfit is so cute and I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving day!!! I love that sweater with the skirt especially!

  12. Oh, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love your outfit!

  13. Amazing skirt and hat too! Hope you had fun over the holiday.

  14. i don't shop on black friday's gotten a little out of hand the past few years! i hope your weekend was fabulous!

  15. I am ever so grateful we don't have Black Friday here. Boxing day is probably the biggest shopping day and we're normally open from 11-5. THIS year we are open from 8am - 6pm. I plan to be mighty hungover. It's christmas!


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