Turkey Trot!

10:30 AM

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I am a mediocre runner at best, but I have wanted to participate in the Detroit Turkey Trot for ages. This past Thursday, I finally did! My friend Alice is one of the organizers for the Royal Oak Runners Group, and helped me train for the run. Since it is always so packed, and everyone dresses up, I knew it was going to be a fun-run, not a PR run. My slow-poke butt still ran the whole thing, snow and all. Let me tell you, Woodward ave is pretty slick in the snow,  I am still amazed that I did not fall on my ass, but it was still so much fun! It might not sound fun to run in the snow and freezing cold, but I warmed up pretty quick. Plus we ran mostly on the parade route (parade was later in the morning, after all of the runs were completed), so it was awesome to have all of these little kids cheering us on. I am %100 sure they were just cheering us on because they had been up since 6am, and were all hopped-up in hot cocoa, but still. 


Alice was a Christmas tree! She had lights and everything. I think she high-fived every single kid on Woodward. I did not have a costume, so I used some old scraps of felt that Alice had and made what I called an "Amazing Technicolor Dream Turkey" and hot glued/sewed it to my sweater. It looked so awesome with my fuchsia and black pants yo. 

During the run, volunteers handed out cups of water and Christmas cookies (I gave mine to Kyle, eating a cookie while running is too much for me, apparently). Also, I am so awesome, that I like to look behind myself while running. 

After, we stayed downtown for the parade, and it was pretty awesome as usual. I have loads more photos to share (Kyle was bored while waiting for me to finish running), so I am sure there will be another post choc-full of snowy downtown Detroit and parade goodness. 

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12 Musings

  1. I so want to do the Turkey Trot here next year! I'm going to start running this spring after baby and I just can't wait!

  2. GO YOU! You guys are spectacular!

  3. You are a dare devil. I would have turned around for sure..with that snow!

  4. Awesome outing for Thanksgiving! Looks like a great way to work up that appetite. Great post!

  5. I'm so happy you participated in such a wonderful event. Well done! You are such a champion and that's an incredibly cute medal.

  6. Wow,you should be proud!I'm a total failure @anykindofsport,one day I would like to achieve something like that (:

  7. Wow!! That looks like so much fun!! And you guys have super awesome outfits!! :D

  8. you ladies looked so cute! sara, i was hoping you would do a post on this because the instagram pics were awesome. Alice gets a GOLD STAR for the christmas tree outfit. she's all lit up! too cute! i loved your turkey and hat.

  9. Congrats! I love your friend's tree skirt!

  10. OMG this looks like so much fun - such a fab way to celebrate! And that Christmas tree ensemble...swoon!!



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