Little Bits: Thanksgiving Day Parade

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As promised, here are some of the photos Kyle took of the parade and around downtown Detroit last Thursday morning. I LOVE going to the parade, even though I freeze my ass of every single year. I have mentioned this before, but I work in Detroit, and live in Oak Park (a suburb outside of the city). For years, I was in school while working, so I rarely spent time in the city. It was mostly on the freeway, work, get on the free way, school, then home. During the summer we would all go see the Tigers play, and occasionally go out to dinner, Eastern Market, or the DIA, but that was about it. 

Now that I am out of school, I can take longer lunch breaks and stay a little later sometimes. Slowly I have been exploring the areas around my work, which is not far from Wayne State and the College of Creative Studies. I am right in-between Eastern Market, and Mid-Town, which is a great place to be for someone who really, really loves food. Midtown is full of college students, so it is kind of fun people-watching on campus when I head that way. 

These photos are all from Downtown, which is an area I don't get the chance to go to as often. I do love it though, because it reminds me that Detroit is still a big city: We have an ice-skating rink, big buildings, concert halls & arenas, a friggin' people-mover (sort-of above ground subway), shops & stores, coffee shops (both independent AND Starbucks), food, food, and more food, art galleries, museums, awesome statues, a river-walk, and all sorts of  other awesome things. Still a big city, but with that small-town feel. I mean, instead of the Macy's parade in New York where the crowd is 5+ people deep, Detroit's is 2 at most, but still draws a hefty crowd. 

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Back to the parade: There are new floats every year, loads of marching bands, clowns, horses, cars, really awesome groups like the suitcase guys who dress up in  business suits and do a sort-of march/dance with suitcases. Oh and of course, Santa. 

The best are the giant balloons, in my own personal opinion. They are the same every year for the most part, but they are so awesome! There is a giant penguin, "Chilly Willy", that escaped one year and they found it in Canada. There is also one that a little girl drew and won a contest, so they made a balloon based on her drawing.  Every year, the people controlling them struggle to get them down Woodward, trying their hardest to keep them from getting tangled in the street lamps and whatnot, and every year the crowd demands that they spin them and they do! It really is awesome. 

The snow made everything all festive! But sadly, it was short-lived. Apparently Grand Rapids got dumped on, but we just had a light dusting. BOO! I can't wait to go back downtown for Noel Night this weekend, this will be the first time that I have ever gone. Hopefully it will be just as awesome as the parade. 

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9 Musings

  1. Definitely some LOVELY and fun moments Kyle caught at the parade!

  2. These are amazing. Love the snow! You have a beautiful scarf too!

  3. These are so fantastic! What a great tradition for you and the city.

  4. how fun! i would love to see a giant balloon parade. we have some fun stuff here, but it's always so cold!!

  5. OMG the Christmas tree! And the pup! I have such a huge obsession with both, so these pictures literally made my day!


  6. i just love Detroit. these pictures are awesome, sara.

  7. HaHaHa Sara! It did look cold girl! But I can tell you guys had a great time. I love the Christmas tree. It is gorgeous! Those floats & balloons were awesome! Thank you for sharing. I didn't know you guys had a parade. Looks better than Macy's! HAHAHAHA

  8. OOH Me like!Its like something i would imagine in the old spiderman movie! And last photo so cute! x


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