Little Bits: Hot Hot Heat

10:30 AM


Oy! Summer, you so cray-cray! So what have Sideburns & Bangs been up to as of late? Everything! I am little disappointed in my lack of reaching certain goals that I had set for myself at the beginning of the year, so I made another list to get me through summer. It is pretty realistic, and I like having tangible goals:  

-Finish the front of the house
-Louie: bath & shots 
-Finish guest bedroom
-Lose last 10 pounds (curse you nutella!)
-Teeth cleaning
-Buy reunion tickets (class of '03!)
-Make jelly/pesto/sauce/salsa
-Jar/freeze veggies

I have also taken the first steps in attempting to simplify my life a bit. I cleared out my closet, we are plotting a yard sale in September (the only free weekend for the city of Oak Park that Kyle is going to be home for), and everything that does not sell gets donated. Kyle decided to tackle the basement and we are getting rid of sooo much garbage tonight. The garbage guys are going to hate us. 

Seriously though, we have SO MANY VEGGIES. I love it. I have been feasting on green smoothies, and I think I even managed to get Kyle to consume more of them (he is not overly fond of kale). My daily salads are choc-full of herbs, and guys, we have ghost peppers on the way! Hooray for ulcers! 

I am hoping to spend the last of summer immersing myself in projects, working my butt off to get in shape, and going on adventures. 

Veggies4th BeerPotato LouiejarDenSmoothie

1) Detroit's skyline, as seen from Windsor. 2) A small harvest from the garden. 3) Backyard was looking cute for the party on the fourth. 4) Fancy beer at The Emory before trivia night. 5) Mariah came back from Thailand & we went to Green Dot Stables in Detroit with Dan. 6) Louie, relaxing in the tent. 7) My favorite drink: Green tea w/fresh mint leaves. 8) The "Wolf Den", drinking in a parking lot of a party store in Detroit (looks like a park). 9) Fruit smoothie and a great book.  

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8 Musings

  1. what i like sarah is that you have a plan! that always helps. good luck with the garage sale. those are always fun. i had two years ago and did well. i kind of categorized things hahaha now i just sell here and there on eBay.

  2. Your Garden is awesome! Beautiful veggies. I know you'll have a plan to get to so much of the things on your list.

  3. I just want a book of Louie! Love your snaps shots of summer!

  4. I think you are making the most of summer that a lot of us over look. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  5. A good book is always a must have.

  6. Nutella is a big problem. Once I ate half a jar while standing at the kitchen sink. I felt like I was in a chocolate hazelnut trance and couldn't control myself. :P

  7. Which weekend is the garage sale? I'll get pictures together, and I might have some other stuff I can bring too.


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