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Hey. You. Remember when you cried because your thick legs could not fit into those jeans just one size smaller than the ones you own (last week), and remember when you referred to your arms as "bat wings" because they are not toned (this morning)? Well knock that shit off. Your body goes through enough of a beating without you scoffing and crying at it whenever you see something you don't like. Think about it: you wish for shapely legs, firm arms, actual muscles in your abs, well they don't get there overnight.You put this body through hell by not getting enough sleep, by not drinking enough water , and then you wonder why you don't have enough energy for a workout. Well it is time to be a bit nicer, especially to your legs-they have to carry your ass around all day. 

 Remember that there is no such thing as 'Perfect'. Also remember that in these photos, you are wearing your shorts from last summer that you could not fit into a month ago. So stop your whining, be proud of what you have done, and take care of yourself. 

 Also, stop buying flip-flops. There is a reason why you have not owned any in years, your feet will thank you later. 

Cami, Flip-flops, Earrings & Shorts-Target 
Sunglasses & Earrings-Urban Outfitters

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12 Musings

  1. Thank you for writing this. I've had numerous meltdowns recently regarding weight, size, clothes, etc. I think you look great and that's a really cute outfit!! Hang in there, pretty lady!!


  2. Sarah, you look too good doll! You're doing something right! We do beat ourselves up too much. It's horrible. I know I can do better though. :)

  3. Rock'n this outfit. I haven't bought flip-flops in forever..but I have a friend who lives in them. Ever since I saw what flip-flops did to my grandmother..I've never wanted them. She has a missing toe.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

  4. Awesome Friday post! Sweet top!

  5. You give good advice. Would you be my life coach??

  6. Well said - and dang, you look all kinds of amazing in this outfit!!

  7. I find it hilarious that you are telling yourself to not wear flip flops when you are wearing them in these shots!! I haven't owned flip flops in quite a few years and forgot why as well. haha. you reminded me!

  8. YAY summer outfit! You are awesome, and gorgeous.

    And yeah, I made myself an oath to not wear flip flops anymore a year or so back. The only exception being, of course, if I ever find women's flip flops that have a bottle opener in the sole. Because that would be the best thing ever!


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