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5:30 PM

A few weeks ago, I was whining on Twitter about how there were no good movies left on Netflix for me to watch. My Friend Neil then shot a list of movies at me in three different tweets, Duck Soup being one of them. I had forgotten that I had wanted to see this movie, and was excited to see that Neil was correct when I searched and found this movie. 

By the insistence of wealthy Mrs. Teasdale, Rufus T. Firefly becomes leader of the small, bankrupt country of Freedonia in order for the country to receive any more financial backing from her. At the same time, the neighboring country Sylvania is attempting to take over Freedonia. The Sylcanian ambassador continuously attempts to woo Mrs. Teasdale, as well as dig up any dirt he can find on Firefly by hiring two spies.

After a continuous run of not following any plans, as well as failing at any attempts to get anything done, Freedonia and Sylvania find themselves at war. Dancing, singing, and the throwing of fruit ensues.

 Honestly, this movie was very cute. Yes, most of the comedy was a bit cheesy and predictable, but in a charming way. I giggled at all of the "cutting" and hat-stealing, as well as the rapid-fire one-liners. I am looking forward to seeing more movies by the Marx brothers. Way to not be entirely lame Netflix!

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  1. i'll have to check this out. hahaha i hadn't heard of it. :D


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