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Late weeknights are never a good thing for me, but, it was our friend Stephen's birthday yesterday and we found ourselves singing karaoke until well past my bedtime. Alas! I am not good at karaoke. At. All. I am serious, I am not one of those "Oh, haha, I am not thaaaat good", and end up having a few songs I rock at, nope! I am horrible. I sound like a 13 year-old boy, squeaking my way through puberty. I normally sing with other people to better hide this, but sometimes the liquid courage takes over and the rest of the patrons are subjected to my horrible nonsense. You would assume that I would stick to light, easy, catchy songs that anyone could sing, correct? WRONG. I like to belt out songs as if  the last jar of Nutella was on the line. What is worse, is that the majority of my friends can actually sing, like, really, really well and I seem to *always* end up singing after someone who is completely fabulous. Still, I will sing Weezer, and The Who to my hearts content. 


Dress & Boots-Modcloth
Bag, Earrings & Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters
Bracelets & Earrings-Target
Hoop Earrings- c/o Anjolee

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11 Musings

  1. Love your outfit! If we were the same size I'd be borrowing that dress.

    We need to do karaoke together sometime. I'm terrible and prefer to sing with others as well.

  2. Love your dress Sarah! HAHAHA Karaoke is so much fun. I've never done it in public, but just a couple of times in a family setting. LOL

  3. i don't think anyone ever goes to karaoke expecting to hear greatness! it's all for fun!!

  4. LOVE the outfit!! You look adorbs! Haha belting out songs is so much fun and who cares if you sound bad or not. Sometimes you just can just blame it on the a-a-alcohol :)


  5. I love this look on you; those boots are just perfect.

    I can't sing a lick and I'm afraid it takes a LOT of liquid courage to get me to do it, at which point I mostly just giggle into the mic.

  6. It takes guts to do karoke. & its great to have friends who make it fun.

  7. Love this summer outfit. Sounds like you guys have a great time during the week together.

  8. Love the vest. What great summer times you guys are having. Great you are singing..it does the body good.

  9. Awesome outfit. You probably sing better than you know.

  10. I'm in LOVE with that Denim Vest! You look so gorgey, Sara! :)


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