Little Bits: Tuesday Afternoon

5:30 PM

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Some days I am not entirely sure what to do with Liam when he is over, other than force more Doctor Who on him. Luckily my husband is a giant pack-rat and stashes all kinds of things he does not need all over the house and in the garage. When I was digging my bike out last week, I found two buckets of sidewalk chalk and let Liam have at it. It was one of the nicer days we have had, so there were other neighborhood kids out and about. One of Liam's friends from school Curtis lives with his parents across the street from me, so he joined in on the chalk-party. Louie barked at things. 

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7 Musings

  1. How cool! Love the Sideburns drawing!

  2. My neighbors children do that too. The little girl makes the boy do hopscotch. It's the funniest thing! HaHa

  3. How cute is your brother?! I love his depiction of Kyle - so perfect!

    RE: Your comment yesterday. I honestly sleep only 5-6 hours per night, and I really don't watch TV; therefore my schedule basically plays: Workout, Blog, Work, Dance, Work, Blog, Dance, Work, Sleep. And repeat. :P

    I do a mix of video dancing and combinations that I already know. I just purchased a few new dance vids, so I'm hoping to mix it up a bit more.

    Are you still doing Ballet Beautiful?

  4. So sweet. Love Louie and Liam together!!

  5. So great to see summer in action! Liam is really artistic!

  6. that is cute that you don't know what to do other than force some Doctor Who on him or have Kyle's stuff out for him to play with.


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