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10:30 AM

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Last night I came home from work around 6pm, sat down on the couch to pet Louie, then awoke at 6am to get ready for work. I never ate dinner, never washed up, never even changed out of my clothes. If you ask Kyle, he will tell you that one of my favorite activities is sleeping. I prefer to get 8-10 hours of sleep per night, however, I average 4-5, 6 if I am lucky. This is why I need to learn to say "no" once in awhile, because if I don't, then my body will eventually just give up- OR, I will have to avoid sitting. 

Anyway, this is the most awesome jumper ever that I stole from Lauren! This is also proof that I am losing weight-I am wearing this because I have lost a few pounds, however, it is still a bit tight around my ass (but what else is new?). By the time I lose enough weight to get my hips to fit this properly, it will sag around the chest area. PEAR-SHAPED PROBLEMS. The best part of this outfit, you guys can barely see; one of the buttons fell off a long time ago, and I meant to sew it back on but life happened so I didn't. I really wanted to wear the jumper, so I decided to safety-pin it. Then it looked gross, so I attached a pin with Tom Baker's face on it over the pin. I showed Kyle my magical handy-work and his response was: "TOM BAKER IS HOLDING YOUR DRESS UP?!" 


Shirt & Jacket-Thrifted
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Boots-Urban Outfitters
Shades-Forever 21

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7 Musings

  1. win! you look amazing, seriously, so great! i think i need a night's sleep like that, you certainly must have!

  2. if i don't get enough sleep, i become so grouchy. i require a lot also. LOVE that jumper. the way it criss crosses in the back is too cute. congrats on the weight loss girl. wooo hooo!

  3. I know that feeling, sometimes you just need to give in to what your body needs!

    I love this denim jumper! I haven't worn something like that since middle school and now I want one again!

  4. You always look amazing!! in whatever you wear!! :D

  5. I really like how that jumper looks on you!

  6. Not to anger sideburns, but I don't think it's tight around the ass at all. ;)

  7. Pear problems?
    You look great.
    I like this jumper and it is making you smile a lot which is nice too!!! I laughed that Tom Baker is holding up your dress.


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