Awesome By Accident

10:30 AM

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Pics from last Saturday! We didn't actually mean to match, we are just awesome by accident. I always say this, but I really adore how eclectic our group of friends can be. Style-wise, the girls range from rocker-chic & 90's whatever, to a bit hippie, with a little bit of hipster and vintage thrown in. The guys are fans of band t-shirts, button-ups, baseball shirts. etc. A few of them also relish the 90's, some have beards, some just live in plaid. At least half of us also own fandom shirts, like you do. 

Louie? Black is the new black. 

Dress-Forever 21
Boots & Jacket-Modcloth
Bag & Shades-Urban Oufitters
Necklace-Rustbelt Market 

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10 Musings

  1. Love that in the the second photo you can clearly see the skull outline on the lace part of the Suzzie's dress!

  2. It's so awesome when friends match accidentally! :) Hope you guys had fun.

  3. LOL, you guys look great! And I always love a good Louie picture!

  4. You ladies are hilarious! Love the dresses. They're so cute!

  5. i found it funny when people accidentally match. me my sisters do it all the time.

  6. Love your Keys! Very cool! You 2.

  7. Love seeing you guys have such a fun time. Great outfits!!

  8. cute key dress!!!!! Do they open the TARDIS?

  9. Ha! yes, I noticed the same. Many styles all cute and one thing is clear: Black and white seems to be the the trend this Summer.
    It sounds like a fun group :)
    Love your shades and dress, so cute both.
    You girls look beautiful.

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