Little Bits: Liam Style

5:30 PM

IMG_0897 IMG_0899

I was editing outfit photos and came across these in the photos from this weekend. Here you go, Liam in all of his hipster-in-training glory. You can almost smell the Ferndale on him. 

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10 Musings

  1. You should send these to Brisk Tea PR! He looks so cool. HaHaHa Can anyone say cool kid commercial?

  2. Love this!! He's adorable!! Just hand him a PBR and he's set (you know, when he's of legal drinking age) :)


  3. So sweet, I love those sunglasses.

  4. Such great style already! So love the shades and am glad you've guys got him wearing them.

  5. Love his outfit. Such a character too!

  6. Oh, he's adorable! He's got a wonderful name, too.

  7. You realize that he's going to adore these photos when he's older one day. Get some prints of them now so he can keep them always and do future comparisons wearing and doing similar things. haha


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