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We are just not going to talk about whatever is happening with my belt in these photos, okay? Cool Beans. So the weekend of getting things done happened, lots of cooking (recipes are/will be posted), ran some errands, I read a bit, and Doctor Who, Oh, Doctor Who! Oh and I had a visit to the salon (obviously not in these photos). You know you are overdue for a haircut when you are greeted by your stylist with: "Hey! Nice mullet!". 

In short, it was nice to have a pretty relaxed weekend. I am actually hoping to get more weekends in like this-oh and by staying in, we also managed to get our sub-pump working again! Awesome weekend was awesome. 

Tank-Forever 21
Boots, Jacket, & Cardigan-Thrifited
Skirt & Belt-Amazon
Bag-Urban Outfitters

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8 Musings

  1. i love productive weekends!! it's the little things! and i think your hair looks great in these pictures, i see no mullet!!

  2. Yay! I'm glad awesome weekend was awesome! I need to do the haircut thing too.

    I love your bird top!

  3. You had a productive weekend! HaHa I like your hair though. Can't wait to see the new cut >.<

  4. lol at "nice mullet" part. i met a little boy (around 5) that had mullet haircut. but i think it's pretty cool :)
    you look pretty as always, sara. i love the first jacket, but the cardigan also look so great on you. can't wait for the recipe post. i wish you post some pesco vegetarian recipe, hehe :) xx

  5. cute otufit i really like your top so awesome. your weekend always sound fun!

  6. Glad you enjoyed it. BTW, I could look at your face every day. It just makes me smile.

  7. Aww fun weekend! I really like your outfit. :)

    xo – Sheila
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  8. I think mullets on girls look really cute if done right. . .but I can understand how that's not what you want. I think of it as elf hair. You are adorable!


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