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I understand the frustration of the whole "I liked them/it before it was cool!" situations, I do. However, how can one not be overcome with immense joy when your friends/colleges start to enjoy the things that you care so much about? Think about it: we all have things that we get so much joy out of when we get the time to do it. Marathoning your favorite TV shows, getting lost in a book series, blasting your favorite band's first album while cleaning your room. You carefully try to bring up these things in conversation, however, people have different tastes than you, or have their own things that they are into and you feel like your efforts fall on deaf ears. 

Then, one day, months-even years later, it happens. Your best friend watches an episode of your favorite show! You get to watch them fall in love with the characters that you love, watch them throw pillows at the the TV in frustration with story-plots. Your co-worker cannot stop talking about the hilarious cover your favorite band did on their latest album (Unbreak my heart, Weezer. Go look it up RIGHT NOW). AND, your little brother starts reading actual books. 

You then feel like an evil genius, and life is good. 

Coat, Boots, & Cardigan-Forever 21
Purse-Urban Outfitters

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8 Musings

  1. Love your dress.

    I also think it's fun when friends discover something you've known about for a while. As you've said sharing the experience with them is what's awesome.

  2. I love those feelings when someone I know starts to enjoy something I like! I don't think there is anything wrong with it!

  3. Oh I know that feeling. Still trying to get my sister to listen to Jon Foreman. :)

  4. See I normally fall into the "Your just jumping on the bandwagon/trying to be cool" boat. I don't tend to keep up on things and tend to be pretty far removed from what my friends enjoy. I work too much and have worked too much for too long to be able to do the opposite.

  5. HaHa Sara! You are an influencer! Love the details in your cardigan. It's so pretty.

  6. Oh..sometimes..people are ready when they are ready for certain shows. I still have not gotten Lars to sit through a complete episode of Game of Thrones. He gets so mad at the king's family on the show. Then he goes on a tangent about something in history..that I haven't a clue about.

    Such a beautiful outfit!

  7. Does this mean you are ready for Todd and the Pure Book of Evil..staring Alex House!

  8. Sometimes, it takes the right drink to get in the mood for such madness of a TV marathon. Margaritas can mean a night of RuPaul's drag race at our place.


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