Little Bits: Saturday Afternoon

5:30 PM

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Saturday my bestie Jamie and I wanted to hang out, so we headed to Detroit for a few hours. Jamie had never been to John K, King bookstore, or as I like to call it "The Giant-Ass Bookstore", on account of it being four floors, jam-packed with books. The place can be a bit overwhelming, but the staff is super-nice and there is always something interesting to find. I was a little spaced-out after all of the drinking for opening day the day before, and a little anxious from getting lost on the way to the bookstore, but it was fun after we got there. One of my favorite places in Detroit. 

Another favorite of mine is The Magic Stick/Majestic Cafe/Garden Bowl/Sgt. Pepperoni's. Did you get all of that? I have seen quite a few of my favorite bands at The Majestic Cafe and The Magic Stick, but we decided to get some pizza and cookies from Sgt. Pepperoni's downstairs next to the Garden Bowl. I have only been inside during the day to pick up concert tickets, so it was nice to see that the place that is typically a hipster haven at night is pretty kid-friendly during the day. 

So yeah, if you are ever in Detroit these are probably two of my favorite places... until I think of even more favorite places. 

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7 Musings

  1. Great suggestions! I love a good bookstore. I think our largest is Barnes & Noble, but we have some charming smaller ones that are locally owned. Yummy food!

  2. This looks like such a great place to find your long lost favorite book. The other place looks great too!

  3. I adore places like this. How fun!

  4. Massive book places are getting harder and harder to find. What a lovely day!

  5. Ummm okay so...I kind of need to pay a trip to Detroit. Like now. These places both look magical. They should totally be a part of some indie movie...they are perfect! :)

  6. Cool. You're helping me with the list I'm making of fun places to go in Detroit when I visit.


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