NYE Sparkles

6:30 PM

NYE Sparkles!

NYE spent dancing in a sparkly dress? A bit cliche, yes, but we are going to do it anyway! I am always up for mixing things up for NYE, last year we had a little gathering at our house where we ate pizza, drank beer, and watched the ball drop. The previous year Kyle and I stayed in and watched sappy movies. I think it is time to get fancy! 

The girls and I decided to wear sparkly dresses this year, forgoing our usual LBD default dresses. I was surprised to see how much was out there, everything from your basic slightly-sexy dresses, to your simple glittery ones, to the ones with a more unique detail to them. I ended up getting a lighter one, which means I will probably spill something on it, but I WILL be sparkly dammit!

1) Forever 21-Sequined A-line Dress
2) Modcloth- Mirror Mirror Ball Dress
3) Urban Outfitters-Sparkle&Fade Metallic Dress
4) Forever 21- Sequined Bow-Trimmed Dress
5) Modcloth-Elegance w/a Sparkle Dress
6) Modcloth- Party Pixie Dress
7) Forever 21- V-Back Sequined Dress
8) Forever 21-Sequined Body-con dress

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11 Musings

  1. Great choices for the NYE!! I love sparkles!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following you back via GFC! Keep in touch! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. How delightful! I'm sure wearing something so energetic will raise your mood and contribute to a great time.

    I just accepted an invitation to a NYE party and was starting to plan a similar outfit but suddenly realized -- damn! -- I have to wear men's clothes. That takes all the fun out of the party. :( Have fun for me.

  3. What's interesting is the two dresses I like most on here are from f21! Which I usually stay away from because they're just too cheaply made for me, personally, because I'm a beast to my clothes.

    I'll have to check them out in person :) Have you ordered your NYE dress yet?

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  4. I so hope you have an amazing time in the dress!

  5. These are so beautiful! Great selection!!

  6. Oh..so love these. Sweet and Sexy!!

  7. Hope your NYE is great! Sweet selection!

  8. Oh..won't you be fab! These are so cool for NYE!

  9. I'd definitely need thermal leggins to wear ..just to get to the party. Very uber cold here.

    Love that you guys are doing this!

    Forever 21 always has some great party dresses.

  10. I'd love to own a sparkly dress! So pretty!

  11. My favorite is the pink one. I'm really loving the sequins and sparkly trend.


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