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This past Saturday, Kyle and Brian turned 30! Old bastards! We celebrated at the bar with lots of friends, as people do, but not before paying a visit to the Detroit Zoo earlier in the day. You know, what every 30 year-old wants to do on their birthday…Okay, it *may* have been my idea to go, but who can pass up cute animals? NOBODY DAMMIT. Kyle and I even bought a member pass (it’s in my name) and I can bring up to one guest each time I go to the zoo now. Kyle works a lot of Saturdays so I have a small list of people I can drag with me now. Did I mention that the Zoo is literally a mile from my house? No? The zoo is literally a mile from MY H OUSE.

Kyle took most of the photos, and the polar bear was all about it. It was almost as if he was following Kyle, striking pose after pose, ready for his close-up. I think the Zoo and the DIA are my two most favorite touristy things to do in the Detroit area, and I am so exited to visit more this year.

Afterwards, Kyle took a bunch of outfit photos for me (which I will have up next post) and Mariah and I took it as cue to play in the leaves. In a few years I will also be thirty, and I am planning on enjoying the whole day like Kyle and Brian did. They never say things like they are “too mature” for the zoo, or staying out late with friends now and again. They are just as goofy now as when I met them as teenagers, they just eat more now.

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14 Musings

  1. Aww these pictures are really cute. I think birthdays should be all about recapturing the fun and innocence of childhood so I may pencil such a plan in for my looming 30th :)

  2. Such a sweet tam! Love the polar bear pics too. What a great birthday treat. I so loved your last line in the post.

  3. This is so cool. I love the picture of you guys playing in the leaves. Makes me think of the fun going on our street.

  4. Wow, what a great birthday outing. Looks so fun. Love your outfit, too.

  5. Sounds like a fun birthday to me!! Love all the zoo pictures! You're making me want to go to my local zoo now!

  6. i always love doing "childhood" things on our makes us think we are young again!! (not that 30 is old!) i am in love with that polar bear, too!!

  7. What a lovely outing! Love the picture of the brothers. Great zoo photos too. Love your post!

  8. I hope they had an amazing birthday together. Do they feel old?? I love the frog!! Froggies!!!!!!!
    You look darling.

  9. These pictures are so dang cute! I love the ones of the guys. They look like they're having so much fun!

  10. great way to celebrate a birthday. looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  11. I love the zoo! You're never too old to go! Happy birthday, Kyle!

  12. Ah, I LOVE how you look all bundled up, Sara - cuteness! And the polar bears...I absolutely LOVE!

    Happy, Happy Belated Birthday to Kyle and the twin bro!! :)

  13. Wow. You don't look 30 at all. SRSLY.


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