Beer Run

8:42 AM

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Friday before the wedding, Kyle, the guys and I went on the largest beer-run ever to stock up for the big day. It was actually a pretty fun day running around to different stores trying to get enough of everything and piling it into different cars, it felt like we were on some kind of scavenger hunt, searching for the correct beer, wine, & hard cider. We wiped the small beer shop in Ferndale clean of Woodchuck fall and still ran out at the wedding, thirsty people!

Obviously I went with a more casual look for the day, and look, more effing red! I should have gotten a shot of the top with the sleeves showing, they have pretty ruffles on them, so fancy! But more importantly, check out my tardis! Yes. Good. I went to Hot Topic to get my bestie a birthday present and ended up buying myself a tardis, because, it’s a TARDIS. It makes the noise from the show, and it lights up, and Kyle and I keep playing with it like we are five. I had to go to the doctor’s last week (I got strep throat after the wedding, gross) and my doctor was playing with it. The Tardis wins.

Owl Earrings-Mom
ID Bracelet-Cedar Point

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18 Musings

  1. so lovely!
    Join my CHANEL GIVEAWAY!!!

  2. Love that top! Awesome nails, too!

  3. Sounds like a great start to the weekend! I so love your bag, too!

  4. Oh, such a wonderful outfit. Hmmm..wonder how much beer was at your wedding???heheee..

    At the moment Blue Moon is my favorite with and orange wedge.

  5. You look gorgeous! I love the top, and your hair really looks pretty.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. A Tardis! How cool. Are you going to use it to visit your great-great-grandchildren in the future? I wonder what planet they're living on.

    Your hair looks good. Your face and body look good. You... you look like you've become an adult! I guess marriage does that to a gal. :)

  7. I have tried to find Woodchuck Fall at the store near me, but to no avail. I am dying to try it! It sounds so delish. I opted for my regs instead, but sigh...I do hope to taste some Fall someday.

  8. Love that you ran out of Woodchuck at the wedding!

    I love your bird print shirt too! And I have a friend who would love that Tardis!

  9. I'm diggin' the tardis too, and I really like your mustard colored top with the birds.

    Sounds like you guys stocked up on the beverages for the wedding--good times!

  10. lovely! Love this outfit. Great update!

  11. Love your shirt + bag!!!


  12. lol.. I'm imagining your doctor playing with your Tardis.

    Your bird blouse is really cute.

  13. Ummm...hello, your hair looks so beyond adorable right now, it's not even fair. LOVE it. Also loving your top!! :)

  14. You look beautiful, love those flats. Can't wait to see all the photos from the wedding, congrats!

  15. That must have been so much fun! Had my own share but we weren't stocking up on beer but scavenging for my cousin's graduation venue. Love the food tasting. :p

    I like your top, and you look amazing. =)

    Happy weekend!

  16. I love this outfit. I'm a sucker for black on black with some mustard yellow in between.


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