The Old Apartment

9:03 AM

These photos were taken in the park next to our old apartment, the one we lived in for over six years before buying our house. It was a little surreal being there again, mostly because we were so in-and-out the first few years of being there. It wasn’t really until after we started socializing with our neighbors that we actually spent a lot of time in the area. Being in the park brought up memories of stumbling back from the bar, late-night Reel Big Fish jam-sessions & beer pong (I always lost), and even the giant, community BBQ’s. We called ourselves “Melrose Place”, accordingly.

I was just talking about how the twins are old now that they are thirty in the last post, and here I am with giant bags under my eyes and lines on my face. I grumble about it, but in the end, it kind of makes me laugh. I look like this because I don’t sleep enough, I am one of those people who always wants to be doing something, I never want to miss out. Be it spending time out with friends, staying up to watch TV with Kyle, or trying to squeeze in that last chapter before bed. Apparently my face is paying the price here, so I should try my best to pack in the ZZZ’s every now and again so I don’t look like utter crap. Easier said than done.

Dress, sweater & Jacket-Thrifted
Tights & boots-Payless
Scarf & earrings-Gifts

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19 Musings

  1. I think you look wonderful in these pics. I think you make the Autumn colors pop!

  2. These are beautiful pictures! It can be weird to go back to old places. I dunno, places I've been ..I remember how much I hated the place, then I'll think Oh..but we did this..and that..and I met so-in-so.

  3. Oh, so awesome. You look great. I so want that hat!

  4. Awesome photos. Such amazing Autumn look!

    It was great to read about looking back where you used to live.

  5. Beautiful leaves! Love your outfit too. Oh, you look wonderful!

  6. You look so adorable. Such beautiful leaves. I hope you get to hang out with your friends still..from the old place.

  7. So many lovely colors between your scarf, hat, plaid skirt, and the leaves! I love it!!

    And I have The Old Apartment by Barenaked Ladies stuck in my head now.

  8. My goodness such a lovely photo!


  9. I definitely don't sleep enough either. I think you look great, and it must be nice to go back to the old place for photos and get all these good memories.

    You are so ready for fall!

    Remember to enter my InPink $30 for 30 Giveaway!

  10. Wow, the colors of the leaves are so pretty and you match them with the wonderful colors in your outfit. Great pictures.

  11. I love the color of the leaves and you look so pretty in the close up shot. (second photo)

  12. Swoon! Sara, your hat, scarf, and earrings combo is beyond - I am so in love! And the changing fall leaves...j'adore! Do you know that the leaves never change color in SoCal for fall? It's devastating! :(

  13. Colors!
    And seriously? You look fantastic! You look young! Those "lines" are from living life not from being grandma old. Also, I didn't see a line until you pointed them out and even then I had to squint and wonder if what I was seeing was what you were talking about.

  14. oh, you look so fresh sara! you should see my super sleepless face, hahaha :D i see happiness in your face :) i love your outfit, the colors just so you :))

  15. I adore the second picture of you so much!!! Reel Big Fish jam sessions are always great. hehe. You don't have bags under your eyes!

  16. Hi Sara I loved you look today beautiful colors!!!! Sara today your eyes is beautiful blue....

    Kisses and hugs rose jp

  17. Looking like utter crap? NO. NEVER. not possible. you are looking exceptionally gorgeous these days :). and that outfit? holy moly. I just died and went to fall heaven.
    I love reminiscing on the past like that. I hope to make more memories like that each day!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  18. hello lady, i am so happy to have found your wonderful blog via Two birds blog love this week. You are super lovely (and i love your style)have been reading back over lots of your posts. Congrats on the marriage, it looked like the perfect day!
    soo looking forward to reading more!
    Rachel xx
    Ps love this dress on you, i ve been trying to find one just like it!


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