Little Bits: April Memories

8:09 AM

1) When Kyle's shirt shrinks in the wash, new shirt for me! hehe. Actually, I have been liking guys shirts lately, I even bought a 5pack of mens shirts from Target this weekend. 

2) Friday night, Kyle and I participated in our first Critical Mass in Detroit. It is an event on the last Friday of every month where bikers meet-up to bike all over Detroit, in order to encourage drivers to share the road with bikers. It was a lot of fun, and really exhausting. I love my beach cruiser, but I am going to borrow my brother's bike for the next trip.

3) I think at one point, about five years ago,  everyone in Oak Park decided to plant trees that bloom pretty flowers in the Spring. These trees are all over the city and it is completely beautiful.

4) Also, there is a giant Dragon in Pleasant Ridge.

5) My adorable "puppy" Louie, curled up like a fox.

6) I have been trying to increase the amount of fruit and veggies I eat during the day. I love eating oranges on my break at work, it makes the room smell delicious. 

7) Breakfast! I have been making sure I eat breakfast every morning -This was cream cheese & orange marmalade on a whole-grain bagel, yum.

8) Saturday night, a few of us went to get some beers at "One-eyed Betty's" in Ferndale. My brother insisted we try the Cajun mussels, they were amazing! We annihilated them.

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16 Musings

  1. Some amazing pictures! Love the dragon!!

  2. Oh, what a fun post. Looks like April's been a blast!

  3. You are so good at these snapshots of the month. Wow! Great job.

  4. Your puppy is so cute!! I also love the dragon, hilarious!

  5. looks like some great things to remember, but where has april gone!

  6. that dragon statute still rocks my world! XO

  7. You would be a blast to hang out with!

  8. Looks like you made some great memories!

    Weirdly enough, Edinburgh has a critical mass this weekend, not that I bike, but funny how the stars align sometimes.

    Maybe you should shrink all of Kyle's shirts for the future? haha

    I'm also a big fan of dried mango as an office snack. It's additively tangy, so much so, you'll want to eat the whole bag!

  9. Oh! That biking event sounds awesome! I might just have to come out and join in on the next one!

  10. So many goodies in this post. Love Louie!

  11. Love the foodie pic here..and that dragon!

  12. Great photos! I also like sporting guy shirts. I just love how comfy and oversized they are haha. That giant dragon is awesome! :D

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my After Flats review.

    Lots of love, B
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  13. Totally can relate! My boy and I went on a night bike ride around the city before Easter Sunday. He's helping me build my mountain bike and I am also eying to buy a ladies bike cause it's more chic. I plan to bike to work but some drivers are assholes and I don't want to end up like a human corpse on the road.

    Men's shirts are really cool. Sometimes I think they have better designs than for girls. And even the fit of the shirt.

  14. That Giant Dragon is basically the coolest thing EVER - love love! :)

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