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8:30 AM

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I am not sure if you guys would believe me if I told you that I am actually wearing a skirt at the moment, and that I still do really love skirts & dresses. I figured since I have been living in denim that I would attempt the whole “Texas Tuxedo” look and wear a denim top with my jeans. I actually really liked this look and it was really comfy! I think I am going to invest in some new jeans this fall, maybe even some colored ones. Currently we are still waiting for summer to show up here in The Mitten-State. Normally I don’t mind the cooler weather or even the rain for that matter, but my sinuses cannot handle this back-and-forth business. As you can see in these photos, it was a lovely 60-something degree day with plenty of sun. Yesterday it was cold and rainy and now they are predicting 80 degrees by the end of this week.

Whatever the weather brings, Kyle and I are going to sit down and get wedding stuff done this weekend! Less than five months away now, I can hardly believe it. We still have a bit of thirfting to do, find a caterer, get my rings fixed, get Kyle a ring, work on the décor, etc. However for today, I am just going to focus on work, getting a three-mile run in, and maybe getting to bed early tonight.

jean 005 jean 008 
Shirt,bag & belt-Thrifted 
Jeans-UO Mocs-Minnetonka 
Necklace & ring-F21 

Song of the day "Rock On" By:David Essex

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15 Musings

  1. Looking good!

    I also can't wait until spring/summer hits. I'm tired of this cool, crappy rain. 80s and sunshine here I come! :)

  2. simple but great! Good luck with the wedding planning!

  3. Oh wedding planning! I love weddings!

    I love this outfit, it works perfectly with the lighter denim on top and darker denim on the bottom. And I really love the moccasins!

  4. The weather has been back and forth over in So. California too! It was nice and sunny over the weekend and now it's cold and cloudy. I wish the weather would make up it's mind.
    Definitely get some colored jeans. I didn't think they would look go on me and now I have 4 pairs. :P

  5. I LOVE DOUBLE DENIM! I'm glad I'm not the only one. You're rocking the Texas Tuxedo, lady! And those jeans are so flattering on you, I can tell all of that 5am yoga has been paying off.

    Sorry about the sinus problems. I have them too and they're the worst. Have you ever tried a netti pot? It's like a nasal tea pot, boy, was that an appealing description haha. It clears out your sinuses and gives some temporary relief. You can find them at Walgreens/CVS.

  6. You could do a denim shirtdress!

  7. Jean on jean is never a bad thing in my book.

  8. you look great! i need to get a denim shirt so i can try this look! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  9. You are a beautiful young lady. Looking at these pictures were refreshing and fun. I really enjoyed coming here and seeing these pictures. You look beautiful in all of your pictures.
    From Creativity has no limit

  10. This outfit is awesome on you, Sara; I LOVE the denim on denim look. And your necklace and moccs totally add a splash of extra personality. Gorgey! :)

  11. Hi Sara, jeans, and blouse jeans...tihis is beautiful...

    Very, very beautiful!!!

    Kisses, kisses, kisses...big HUGSSSSSS

    Rose jp

  12. LOVE the jean on jean!!! I just put an outfit out (that is ridiculously similar-so much so I'm pretty sure you'd think I was just straight up copying you-I promise-it's not intentional!!!) and now i'm for sure going to try to wear it this week! You look goooorgeous girly! XO Lori

  13. You're really rocking the double denim!x

  14. you have a really cute style that is different than most.... i love your uniqueness, and your bangs are cute. you have a cute writing style. :) totally loving this shirt... you styled it very well. you have a new follower on google and bloglovin. i'd be honored if we connected on both. keep up the great work, and have a great day!


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