Little Bits: Tail End of January

9:29 PM


1) I made this soup I read about on HelloGiggles, it was my first soup and I made a lot of it. Imagine a giant roasting pan side-ways resting on two burners on the stove, filled to the brim. Yep, that happened. It does look like baby-food and it is spicy as all hell because I throw caution to the wind when it comes to red pepper flakes but by George, I made soup!

2) This is why people balk at me at work during feeding time, er, lunch. I ransack the fridge the night before and fill a giant bowl full of lettuce and whatever else is edible. Here we have a colorful assortment of peppers, tomatoes, walnuts and blueberries. I typically go for vinaigrette dressings or green goddess, both I am attempting to make from scratch soon. 


3) Saturday the "Shakespeare kids" as I like to call them (kids from my Shakespeare class last semester), as well as my brother, and some friends, decided to force Kyle into watching Star Wars as he has never seen them all the way through. About 11 people were coming over so I decided to turn the living room into a "cuddle-zone" complete with every single blanket, pillow, couch cushion, and snuggie we own.We hunkered down and made it through both "A New Hope" & "The Empire Strikes Back", nerdy banter ensued.

4) Mariah, my brother's amazing girlfriend, bought us some cupcakes from The Cupcake Station and made them Star Wars themed! I seriously want to marry her, she is the greatest person ever. 

Oh and check out B.A.I.T.-But Another Innocent Tale, my new sponsor! They have the cutest shoes just in time for Spring. I am drooling over the flats right now, so bright and pretty. Hey if there isn't going to be any snow this Winter, can Spring just come early, eh Eh? Bangs wants some new flats!

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13 Musings

  1. Oh boy, StarWars! The soup looks really spicy. I might have to make some.

  2. The soup looks so good..and a beautiful salad, too!

  3. Hi Sara!!!this song is beautiful right?hahahaha this is good, hot as hell, but it looks delicious
    love you sara
    kisses rose jp

  4. That soup looks so delicious! I saw that on Helloe Giggles and Ive been wanting to make that too! Oh, and that salad looks super yummy. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. Beautiful! :)

  6. That salad looks scrummy; and I LOVE the Star Wars Cupcakes! :)

  7. Food! A cool party! Oh, I want to come to your house..just kidding. Love the foodie post!

  8. I want cupcakes. :D

  9. Oh it looks delicious :)


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