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Every once in awhile I get the urge to get a tattoo, but I have never been able to decide what I want. For others, they have been plotting the specific place where they want to permanently embellish their skin since playgroup.  The thing is, I fear my body will react strange, it happened with piercings so I am nervous about ink. However, some people I know have some pretty awesome tattoo's and I have pretty much made them show me their skin.


My best friend Jamie has the Serenity symbol tattooed on her back. Serenity is a Joss Whedon film that was created to sort of tied up the lose ends to the canceled show Firefly. Both Firefly and Serenity are epically amazing, seriously, it's like Star Wars meets Bonanza, but even better! Needless to say, Jamie has had a few comments on this tattoo and I fully support fan tattoos. I mean, if you really love something, then why not?


Mariah shows off her tattoo that she had done in memory of a loved one. I love that the tattoo is simple, yet obviously sends a strong message to whomever casts a glance at it.


Mark decided to go all out with his tattoos. The first is the anarchy symbol if you didn't  already know, and I personally find it less offensive than that damn creepy rabbit from Donnie Darko. Frank is a creepy guy, take a look for yourself:

And he willingly put this on his arm, I think just to taunt me and to scare the piss out of children and adults alike everywhere! Moving on.

Erins party! 002
Erins party! 001

Dan has the batman symbol tattooed on his arm and although it looks a tiny bit faded, there is no denying what that symbol is for. 
Now what would I get personally? If I were going for the fan-based tattoo, I would go for: 

Or if I were going to get a comic related tattoo: 

But I would most likely go for something like this in the end:

How about you?

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  2. This is what I want to get, once I decide on the location:


    The Hello Kitty tat made me lawl.

  3. I have two...and would get another in a heartbeat IF I felt the same kind of compulsion I felt for the other two. The first one I got is a variation of an infinity symbol. I got it shortly after one of my dogs passed away. I'd been wanting something since my mom died that would represent that the soul never dies, and when I lost him too, suddenly the right thing just came to me. My other one is birds, which I got about a month before my wedding last fall, because it became our symbol a while back. I love that I always feel like our love is marked that way. With both symbols, I didn't NEED to get them just to remind me of what they represent. But there is something special in it just the same - a comforting reminder every time I see them in the mirror.

    With both of them, I took plenty of time to think and plan to make sure I was absolutely certain about every facet, and both of them came from my own designs that I gave the tattoo artist. That makes them even more special to me. I don't judge anyone's tattoos, ever. That's a very personal decision. And some people have really cute ones just for the sake of being cute, and I don't have any problem with that. But for me, I don't know if I could get one unless it represented something very deeply personal for me.

    They're both pretty small and simple black designs, and both are on my back but in different places. Sometimes I do get the urge to get something big that I can see all the time! I'm averaging one a year, so ya never know! My cohort KameraWhore has a GORGEOUS tree design all over her's simply stunning and incorporates symbols of all the ones she loves the most in her life (I am on there, represented as a bird, of course!). Oddly, neither of us experienced much pain...I actually didn't experience ANY...but I'm more impressed with hers because that's probably the most typically painful area you can get done!

  4. i really like mariah's tatt. i've been wanting one on the back of my arm for a couple of months now, but i'm always changing my mind about the decide. i'm so indecisive.

  5. Omg your friends are AWESOME. I love the Serenity tattoo! I really need to watch that again. And all of Firefly.

    I am still planning on getting a Stargate tattoo, once I get enough money to throw away on it. Tattoos are awesome!

    I have a friend who has this huge full color Russian Orthodox style picture of St Christopher on her shoulder blade. She also has a 17th century merchant ship on her calf. So badass.

  6. I've got two and each symbolizes different things in my life. I got my first one when I was 19 (after plotting for a couple of years), then the second one when I was 22 (after plotting and drawing up ideas since I was 19) and I will get a 3rd one in a couple of years (still plotting and waiting for the right moment to arrive at my doorsteps) :)

  7. i've been thinking about getting a tattoo...something with peacock feathers and butterflies, or the Dark Mark from harry potter! =)

  8. I have thought about a tattoo, most likely text of some sort, but I will never actually do it. I know myself too well. I would pick something, like it for awhile, and then change my mind and want something else. I have always thought the best plan would be to pick out something and wait two years. If I still wanted it just as bad, then maybe it would be something I could like forever.

  9. I want a couple myself, but I;m so freaking indecisive!

  10. I couldn't do it..I have sensitive skin for starters..and kind of go crazy around needles...

    But my dad has a sailor girl tattoo on his arm from the Navy..funny thing, my brother, when he was little asked my Dad why wasn't he born with a baby girl tattoo like his on his arm.

    My brother swore from then on..he'd get a tattoo. He even joined the Navy..but no tattoo. Yet, his girlfriend has lots of tattoos. Some look as if she put them on with a sharpie..expecially, her skull on her inner fore arm. I'm thinking he'd go for the Donnie Darko one..He was obsessed forever drawing that dark bunny on everything. Only, he wouldn't want to pay the price.

  11. You have some really cool friends. Its good to have them ..who know and trust where to go to get one, too.

  12. Such cool tatts...


    Oh, I'd want the Hello Kitty one.

  13. I so loved this post. Great pics and cool friends. too.

  14. I love the batman tattoo. I'd get that if I wasn't such a wimp!

  15. I applaud anyone who can withstand the pain to get inked on their skin. Your friends are brave souls! Your comic makes me laugh Sara! For me, I'll never get one. It's just not my thing. xxooxxoo

  16. I'm 99.99999999999% that you've seen mine. I used to talk about getting one on the other arm to balance it out, but I'm not sure it'll happen, at this point. But... it'll be 10 years since the first, this year. Maybe I should start thinking about it ;)
    That said, I LOVE that you had a Natalie Dee comic in your consideration list!

  17. I want two elephants. One on my forearm, the other on my neck or something. & I also want an orca...somewhere. It's taking me a while to get it because I only just decided that this is what I wanted like 4 months ago AND I want to make sure it's what I really, really want before I actually get them. I'd probably change my mind or whatever. But yea.

    The Hello Kitty she in a Star Wars type theme? lol Really cute.

  18. A few people have been blogging about tattoos lately, me included, and I think i may do a post on the meanings of my 4. Maybe, I dunno.
    Anyway, pleeease get a weezer tattoo! That would be amazing.

  19. I have thought about getting a tattoo for SOOOOO long!! I know I really want one on my wrist and I wanted it to say LOVE. I mean, how all encompassing is that word!?? I think you should wait until you know which one you want FOR SURE!!!


  20. haha i love how you called my books "yummy" in that comment on my previous post. made me smile. (:

    i used to go back and forth all the time about tattoos! i don't think i want one, but if i did it would definitely be a small branch/vine of sorts on my neck (and when i say small, i mean small).

  21. storm tropper/darth vader (dont hate me im not great with star wars) hello kitty is awesome anway. ive seen a few weezer tats its a great logo. my fiance has a nice sad tat on his back though now its all defunked because its based around his sign. when i was 16 i planned on getting a gratfuldead bear on my foot but by the time i turned 18 i just could not commit and since then they have not interested me though i love admiring others.
    listening to hurley for like the 3rd time. its kinda rocks. i am pro it. need a few more listens. i like how its a little harder more pinkerton less maldroit though does not have as many hooks that i love just yet, i am just a huge pinkerton fan though.

  22. Your friends have awesome tattoos. The Serenity one is cool, but I will say that that Donnie Darko one is scary. You should get the Weezer tattoo. I've been thinking of getting one, but noting too big. Maybe a Hello Kitty one. :P

  23. you should get a whole sleeve of amazingly funny things that are like. . .of Rivers Cuomo stuck on Hoth or sitting in a Millenium Falcon or something. I only have one tattoo on the inside of my left arm (a jolly roger pirate flag). I do have one other tattoo planned for my other arm, but don't know when I'll afford or get an artist to draw it out for me.


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