6:30 PM

Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!
After a week of overtime, cramming for quizzes, and running around doing miscellaneous errands, what is a better way to relax than have some hang-time with friends? Yesterday I had to work a half-day (boo!) but after work I picked up my best friend Jamie, met Kyle, Dan, and my brother David downtown to go ice skating at Campus Martius. After sipping some caffeine to get us motivated, we hit the ice. Lauren, Kevin and their friend Lee also met us down there and our plan to dominate the ice rink was deflated once a dozen semi-professional ice skating girls took over the ice. The brats.  After our plans were foiled, we decided to move on to bigger and better things. Rob joined us and we were on a mission that was most significant, trying to take over the WORLD!  

Okay, no really, we just wanted some grub. Unfortunately with the North American Auto Show happening, along with a Kid Rock concert *shudder* and other random things going on in Detroit this weekend, every place was jammed packed. Until we got to Nikki's in Greektown and had some yummy pizza. Seriously, this pizza melts in your mouth like butter. Now granted it's only January, but the slice of pizza I ate was the first real junk food I have had this year and I was really proud of myself for waiting to have something I truly liked instead of just scarfing a $5 Hot-N-Ready. Needless to say, I was not able to skate with my camera, but here are some pics of everyone at Nikki's.

skate 006
skate 004

skate 005
skate 002
skate 001
skate 003
skate 008

Oh and the pizza was annihilated quickly, so here is a 'artsy-foodie' pic of the salad: 

skate 009


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17 Musings

  1. Ha ha I like these pics a lot. That must've been a good pizza; everyone looks very satisfied there!

  2. Those Sasha Cohen-wannabes always take over the rink!

    yum nothing like mammoth pizza

    sounds like a great weekend

  3. Jamie looks so rugged up :D She's such a little girl so I had to laugh at how bulky her jumper was. Ice skating huh? Semi-professionals? Were they meanies?

    Mmm, pizza. I haven't had a junkfood dinner this year. But I will Thursday night when I pick David up from the airport... that's gonna be my one fast food night a fortnight :)

    Good luck with the world take over. I mean, it can't be done in an evening when there's pizza to be eaten :D Love you xoxo

  4. um..peppers..I love drizzling the juice over the pizza..well, its good to see you all bundled up..we are too.

    What a fun time with friends.

  5. haha and awww! thats a nice way to relax =]

  6. What a great winter weekend! Hope you have a fun week..and can sleep in late tomorrow.

  7. Darn those skating rinks. I'm glad you guys found pizza!

  8. What a great time. So much going on. Love how you guys are bundled up.

  9. lol..those photos are so funny! You have really awesome friends Sara!! xoxoxoo

  10. Aw how fun ! Makes me wanna go ice skating now :)

  11. You guys are making the best of those cold winter night. Hope you get some rest today.

  12. Gah! You did not just quote Pinky and the Brain, Sara - good grief I think that we are two peas in a pod...that is one of my favorite cartoons. Forever and always!

    Love love these pictures of you and your friends - you always look like you have a blast!! :)

  13. PIZZA! nomnomnom. Your friends look so fun!

  14. Good old Pinky and the Brain..sooo funny :D Looks like you guys had a great time too!

  15. haha his face, pretty much the funniest face ever! Mmm I love peppers :)

  16. Pinky and the Brain was an amazing show. I used to say "Gnarf" all the time. It just rules. Who ever came up with such a word is hilarious and should become my friend fast. haha. I'm glad that you always have such wonderful fun with all your friends!!! I'm sorry your plans were foiled though.

  17. Yummy! Nikki's is my favorite place for pizza in this state.


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