Simple Summer

5:31 PM

Why did I choose a post title that contains lyrics to a song about masturbation? It was the first one that popped in my mind and is now stuck in my head. I wore this Monday to see the fireworks in Clawson with the Fam. It was a lot of fun, we had popcorn, made fun of each other, my cousin Hailey and I had camera wars. It was a blast. 

I have to say that although this look is pretty basic, I was happy to find something cool to wear in the heat. It was 96 degrees that day, and it hasn't changed much since. I like my high-waisted shorts, but these were a little cooler. I am also glad to have picked a looser top because I felt like I could breathe a bit more instead of a ribbed tank or something. The high-bun you will see a lot of, it is really the best I can do and the scarf is awesome because it helps keep my bangs still and the stray hairs off of my face

(camera wars!) I also wanted to take a minute to mention blogger. I have been having issues seeing comments and leaving them on other blogs. I feel bad because I don't want people to think that I did not want to get back to them, I just think blogger is having a giant spaz. So I am very sorry if I have missed anyone's comments. Bad Blogger, bad!

Top & Shorts-F21
Bracelet-not sure
Scarf-Dollar Store
Shoes-Minnetonka via Incognito

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16 Musings

  1. I SO love when you wear your hair like that - it always makes me think of Rosie the Riveter! Cuteness!! :)

  2. yea blogger's being a little shit this week lol, I forgive you ;)

    love your headband!

  3. Aw, you look adorable! I have tried on high waisted shorts, but never feel like they look the way they're supposed to! Next time you wear them, be sure to post a pic! I want to see cutie high waisted shorts!

  4. Damnit now I've had that song in my head for a half an hour... I shake my fist at you. You look cutesy tootsie! Thanks for the borrow, will post later today. Hugs.

    And IF you Squeeze too tightly you gonna LOSE CONTROL! Words of a wise man. Now you just have to Relax, and don't do it, when you want to go to it.

  5. Love your "beat the heat" look! Glad you had a happy 4th :)

  6. beautiful outfit. you're so lovely my dear :)

  7. thanks a lot!!!

    you look great, simple but chic

    and yeah, I agree, I think blogger has been having a few problems...

  8. Lovely outfit, adore the shoes, they are great!! Your so cute! xxx

  9. I love the head scarf Sara! cute.

    And atleast its not just me thats having trouble seeing comments. How annoiying.

  10. i love the colours, and your shoes are the cutest!

  11. Oh I had that same problem with Blogger, I thought I was going mad! What a cute outfit, I love your clutch and the scarf in your hair!

  12. That top is so cute! And I love that bag!

  13. So I see a lot of us are having trouble with comments on Blogger. Love the mocassins

  14. Aw i love this! Such a nice combination of colors



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