Hair Mishaps

10:59 AM

Yesterday after work, I had the sudden urge to attack my hair. The roots were killing me, they are so light that with the dark hair, and pale scalp, I look like I am losing my hair. So I took one of my spare boxes of black dye and nuked it. Then, as I was drying it, I was thinking of how I much I really wanted to try something new. I tweeted earlier in the day about dying it pink, and I think that would have been a little drastic (for me at least) so I settled on highlights.

Yep. I tried and failed at putting purple dye in my hair. It is all over the damn place too. I have more of the dye, so I might try to repair it, but my hair needs some massive TLC right now. It is kind of fried. I was so bummed, I really thought this might be my last chance to do something crazy with my hair since I am getting older. The worst part is that while I worked at Mcd's, I could never do this. Now I work in an office, and they could give two shits less as long as I do my work.

I am not sure if I completely hate it or not, it is just that it turned out way red. I wanted purple dammit. Anywho, like I said, I guess I will try again soon :)

Last night was fun though, I dragged the guys downtown to the State Street bar to meet-up with some of the Motor City Bloggers. Which really was awkward because, unlike fashion bloggers, or life bloggers, they just do posts about the city, and I have no clue what they look like. plus readers were invited so I really was at a loss. Then I spotted one of my co-workers and his wife, so that was cool, and my friend Dan pointed out that a few people from Ferndale High were there, it turns out they had a band play and they were in it. Kind of crazy. I would up talking to a few people in the end, and it was a lot of fun :)

Shorts & earrings-F21

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  1. I like your hair, but I'm a big fan of red. Purple is a hard color to take and it changes faster, I think. But good luck! (Remember to wear gloves, use vaseline around the hair line ((keeps skin from dyeing)) and to bleach the counters!)

  2. Haha! I saw your Tweet yesterday about dying your hair pink! Personally, I love the outcome - stained fingertips aside. You look like you're a part of The Runaways. That's a good thing, by the way!! :P

  3. i love the jean vest and i really think you should rend gg dvds!

  4. I've never dyed my hair in my life (Even though my mum's a hairdresser and I could have it done free!) so I've never been through the epic saga that it seems to be, but I can sympathise how much work it takes!
    But I'm sorry it's not how you wanted it. It's not horrendous though, I think it suits you! ^_^

  5. I like it, you look great with red highlights! However sorry your hands are little oompa loompa today haha.

    I love your outfit, very Joan Jett!

  6. I think it looks cool :)
    Lol at your hands though... no gloves?
    Red stays for a long time... I've had purple and blue splices before and they seriously faded within a fortnight. Bleh.

    Love you xx

  7. That color seems nice on you! I used to die my hair all the time, but i got so tired of it haha. SOmetimes I feel like dying it, but I always seem to stop myself.

    Your hands are funny with all the dye hehe. You should try taking it off with alcohol =)

  8. Your hair looks so pretty, I love the red highlights! They look stunning on you! Sorry your intention to go purple didn't exactly work out! I've heard that purple doesn't really stay the same when it comes to dyeing. Haha I've always wanted to play around with blue hair dye (temporary at least).

  9. Truthfully, I like your hair with the red streaks but I know how annoying it is to want one thing and end up with a completely different result. I'd love to see what your hair would look like with a streak or two in your bangs!

  10. Aw, I know how you feel about hair not coming out the way you want it to! I did every color in high school and over half the time it was not what I expected! Plus my hair was totally fried at the end of those 4 years. I also went to cosmetology school (but am a drop out!) and learned about how everything I did was terrible for my hair! Woops! Now I keep it simple, but I definitely get bored sometimes!

  11. I like the hair!
    Two years ago I dyed my hair bright, hot pink for swim team. Probably one of the coolest things I've done! Of course, I'm still paying for the price for it now: my hair still isn't back to it's normal color.

    But who cares!? Your only young once, so do whatever the heck you want with your hair!

  12. I like the red, but i can see if you're disappointed and it comes out a different color. I did hair for ten years, and when my gloves broke, I always scrubbed them off with lemon.

  13. I hear you on the hair thing - I used to change it all the time, and sometimes it's so hard to get it to look the way you want. oh, and great vest.

  14. The hair colour looks good-so don't worry too much. With the orange t-shirt and shoes-it all fits together well.

  15. I think you should continue experimenting because it's fun to do that and everyone likes change.

    And don't think you have to give up when you get older: you don't -- one of my best friends (in her mid-30's) just dyed her hair bright orange and looks great!

  16. Your hair looks great! Thanks for the visiting my blog! yours is lovely!

  17. I love the hair! I know you wanted purple but I think it looks great! You can always maybe try layering some blue. Very cute!! I love the vest. xx

  18. hi sara how are u

    wow lovely red t-shirt looks awesome

    oh your hands looks too red

    take care



  19. I like it! Change your mind, because it looks amazing ;)

  20. Love your bangs missy!
    looks great but if you want purple maybe you should try something more pink-ish or magenta.

    I tried to made mine purple a while ago but when your hair is dark it doesnt want to be purple lol, so mine ended reddish too hehehe

    first time visiting your blog and it wont be the last!
    following you


  21. your hair turned out good! love that you where so willing to try something new!


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