Monday Morning, You Sure Look Fine

1:18 PM


  This past weekend was pretty fun. Friday night, I stayed home with Louie and made a tiny dent in my homework.  Saturday Kyle, our friend Dan, my brothers Mark and David, and Mariah all went down to Grand Trunk for lunch again.  Kyle and I were planning on staying downtown to see a local band I really like, but the show did not start to 11pm, which is not late for us, but my parents were watching Louie and we didn't want to come back that late to get him. He really is like our child :)

Sunday my brothers, me & Mariah went to the mall and to the grocery store. Mariah made us some Pad Thai and it was AWESOME!!  I had my little brother David take my outfit pic while I was at the house. Above is a pic of my mum and me, I forced her outside for one :P

After yesterday's post I really need to stay focused on school and work. I really am hoping to get caught up with homework, enough so I am not stressing so bad.  I think part of it is there are three bigger things coming up, including a 15minute spill, where I conduct a mini-lesson to my poetry workshop.  My professor knows that I am a spaz and that I have a hard time talking in front of the group for long periods of time, so she will be checking over my work before I present, isn't that cool? lol. I have been kicking butt at work this moring so hopefully I can stay motivated by the time I get home. Only 6.5 weeks left of this semester :)

Sweater & dress-F21
Shoes-Second skin's etsy

To-do list:
Clean apartment
Finsh homework
buy groceries


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13 Musings

  1. oh my gosh, thats your mum?! I though that must have been a sister! No way!x

  2. Good luck with everything! Yeesh, I hate giving presentations in front of people.

  3. cute shoes

    good luck on the report, I'm glad your prof is so supportive

  4. Love those shoes with that dress. Blue and brown - another amazing combo. Good luck with your preso, I'm sure you'll do awesome!
    Glad to hear you had a great weekend - my weekend consisted of a little too much tequila on Saturday night and the rest of the weekend spent a little seedy. Argh! Haha. Will email you today at work. I miss you :p

    That's your mum? My God - I thought it was one of your friends, or your sister. That is crazy. She looks gooood. Hehe. Tell her I said so :)

  5. your shoes are fabulous! :)

  6. Adorable look as always! That skirt and cardi are cuuuute!

  7. I love your outfit, especially the cardigan! Good luck with your schoolwork!

  8. your outfit is so cute!!♥

  9. Aw that's so nice of your professor.
    And you and your mom are adorable!! (She looks so young!)

  10. Cute dress! I loved those shoes on Second Skin, but they were too big! They look adorable on you!


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