Project: Rebel T1i

11:33 AM

Introducing the Canon rebel T1i. Kyle finally picked a camera and UPS dropped it off Friday, it is amazing! Pictures that are taken indoors that are not orange! And I can record video, Kyle showed me how to use the tripod, it is so much fun! We headed over to the park that is literally across the street from the apartment and played around with the camera. Kyle took some outfit pics for me, in all of my nerdy sunglasses glory, and there are about 50 pictures of Louie alone. I managed to sneak the camera away from him to get a few pictures.  
I have a quite a few projects up my sleeve for this camera, but this weekend is just dedicated to playing around with all of the settings. (I cheated, there is no real project post today) I am excited to be able to share some wonderful things with all of you with this camera, I can take it everywhere now and you guys can see all the random, crazy shenanigans I get into. But for now, here are a few more pics that we took at my parents house last night. 
*Meet Pepper, she is Louie's little sister and my parents puppy. 
*This is Chloe, she is not happy about being the pen. (My dad was fixing something in the yard, so they were in the pen for a few) Why she is standing like that is beyond me. 
*This is Mark, my almost 22 year old brother. 
*David, the 16 year old. He is charming.
*Liam, he is six.
I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend! it is so beautiful here in MI. So I am heading out to walk Louie :)

Top-Thirfted via salvation army
Tights &shoes-payless
Socks- Target
Bag-Thrifted via Regeneration


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15 Musings

  1. enjoy your walk, louie is adorable

    and I love your tights and socks!

  2. Oh, how lucky! It's a fabulous camera, your photos look great! :)

  3. cute pics :)

    love your outfit, you look like a dance teacher :) ♥ xxx

  4. Great photos! And you look absolutely fabulous in the skirt and sunglasses!

  5. Yayyy! The photos look great Sara :)
    Hehe, the charming 16 year old is sorta cute. Okay wait thats 18 year old me talking :p I love that first photo of Liam! Argh, I'm just so freaking excited for you! Being a Canon all the Canon lenses are compatible so it was a really good choice. How much did it cost? We want to get a new one before we move next year we just have no idea where to start. Okay, like you guys.. we've started but darn it's hard to decide.

    ANYWAY, my favourite part of your outfit is that top. Even though the skirt is darn amazing.. and what do you know? I just scrolled up to your credits and it's thrifted! Great job. You look so good :D

    Enough out of me, talk soon xoxo
    ps- Definitely make Kyle get that book.

  6. love the outfit, your top is cute

  7. Your outfit is so cute! I love the different shades of blue! :) You've got some swagger, girl!

    Follow please? <3

  8. Congratulations on your new camera! That's so exciting! And I love your outfit - very cute.

  9. I love the blue ensemble, that blouse and skirt are adorable! I love how you wore those gray socks with those shoes and over the tights, I need to try that soon!

  10. Super cute!!!!! I have been addicted to blues and white lately too! So I'm LOVIN' this outfit.

    NEW CAMERA!!!! Oh man! The pics look AMAZING! It's like when you get a new pair of reading glasses, suddenly you're like, "WHAT!?!? THIS is what the world REALLY looks like!?!?!"

    Congrats my dear!

  11. i love those little socks with the oxfords. i have the rebel xsi and i hear they are similar (turn the flash off outside...thats easily my favorite feature of not having a point and shoot...a decent picture without blinding flash) :) congrats on the camera!!!!!

  12. i love your skirt!...very cute :)

  13. Ohmigosh Sara you poor're surrounded by boys! Kidding...lucky that you have brothers - I've always wanted one myself. But, obviously, not going to happen now!

    I love the second picture of you, it makes me think of the Coachella Music Festival for some reason!! :)


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