Pink Triangle

10:59 AM


Anytime I feel down, I have a go-to band. That is Weezer. (Actually, Weezer is my favorite band, I know but I can't help it).This weekend had it's ups and downs, and as I was feeling down, I felt the need to blast "Pinkerton", hence "Pink Triangle" being the title of this post. 

There really is a lot I could update you guys on today, but the most important is the news of the death of my car. My Tospaz, cannot be fixed. I went over to my parents Saturday night and my Dad had it in bits all over the garage so I couldn't even take a picture of it. I did manage to get the bumper, at least a glimpse of it.


Needless to say, he had some character. I could always find him in a parking lot because of all the stickers. (I got the cat one from the humane society a few years back) When my Dad said that he could not fix my car, I wanted to cry. I  loved that car. It got me where I needed to go for over 6 years. 

On the bright side, my dad is getting a new van so he said I can have my mom's car for now. Which really rocks, because I work in Detroit and go to school in Rochester, which is about 30-45 minutes away from each other and Detroit does not have a great bus system. it is a bright pink station wagon, we named it Pinky. Hopefully, if all goes well I will be driving Pinky by Wednesday.

Tights & Shoes-Payless
Purse-Thrifted from Council thrift shop

To-Do list:
Finish this weeks homework
Mail postcards
Clean apartment
Finish Poem

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15 Musings

  1. The death of your car is devastating. But really...who wouldn't want to drive around in a pink station wagon named Pinky? Does it not make you think of Miss Miller from "Alvin and the Chipmunks," or make you feel like Barbie? I love it! I also love your bumper sticker..."My Cat Is Smarter Than the President." Love. It. :)

  2. sorry about your car...

    love the dress!

  3. my car is dying and I need a new one :( sadtimes

    you are so cute on that fence! That may be my new favourite picture of all time :) x

  4. Im so sorry about your old car, but hopefully the new one will treat you wonderfully!

  5. wait whos a lesbian why'd you say that and yea that does suck about your car. such good times
    bowling. tigers game. and something else I cant think of it.

  6. Oh, I loooooooooooooooooooove Weezer too much! They are also my favorite band...however, I only like The blue album and Pinkerton...I'm sad that they started to suck after those!

  7. That top picture is really cute! Ah, I'm sorry about your car. But, quite honestly, who wouldn't want to drive a car called Pinky? :]

  8. Awwww no, your car! :(
    What a coincidence... You were listening to 'Pinkerton' and are going to drive a car called 'Pinky'. Awesome name by the way. Hehe!
    You look so good in the top pic! You big cutie.. I can totally see how it would have been awkward if someone was behind you :p
    I love your little red splashes. As I've said before; red, blue and white is an amazing combination missy, one that you pull off so well.
    Love ya Sara! xox

  9. Oh no I'm sorry about your car :( At least it's an opportunity for a new day. Haha I love the jumper, it's so cute!

  10. Oh, poor you and poor colorful car! I oten find myself with my arse in the air when trying to take blog pics. My husband usually snaps the photo anyway...he's so helpful.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  11. my boyfriend and I were just talking about my old car...I spent soo much money fixing that car it just sits in the back of my parents house...sad ordeal so I can sympathize..but i love your jumper...:)

  12. Bummer about your car! I remember when I got rid of my first car.. the back was plastered with band stickers.. and the lady who bought it drove it around with all of the stickers, and she was like.. 70! It was so hilarious!

  13. Cute outfit! I'm sorry about the loss of your beloved Tospaz but, I hope you post pictures of Pinky. I love seeing cars in not-the-norm colors. :)

  14. oh super bummer about your car :( I love Weezer as well will always have a soft spot for them. I blame the cute nerdiness of them

  15. I LOVE THIS. reminds me of alexa chung's style a bit. too cute.


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