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12:14 PM

I do own jackets and coats :)  Here is one that I recently picked up from the Salvation Army for $1.00 because it was part of a 5 for $5 green-tag sale. It is actually a large, so it is a little big on me, but I still really like it. The bangs are having one if their "whatever" days, lol.  Kyle took this outside of a building on Main Street in Royal Oak. He said that he would like to go with me to take more pictures around town sometime, especially when it gets warmer. He is pumped about the new camera, which we have not picked up yet.  He is still shopping around a little today and tomorrow, but has narrowed it down to two I think. lol.

Today really is kind of about a bunch of little projects. Cleaning, and organizing the apartment, homework, a few projects for school, a lot of reading...etc. I have always kind of been a bum about winter semester.  I think this semester has been the worse, I am really unmotivated. I typically am the type of person that likes to just tackle whatever needs to be done as soon as possible. Even if it mean sitting down for 11 hours at a paper.  I can't do that now, having a dog forces me to get up and take breaks. I have realized that this has been very helpful to me, so I have decided to split up my homework. Instead of doing it all on one night, I am splitting it up during the week.  I am also taking small breaks during homework nights too. Like after reading a few chapters, I walk Louie. After getting through 20 slides on power point, I do the dishes. I am finding that I am more productive that way. I did pretty well on my mid-terms and I think that was enough of a kick in my butt for motivation for the rest of the semester. 

I have here a few tips that I pulled out of a Seventeen Magazine on studying for mid-terms. They are pretty simple, but I did use a few of them. Having friends in my class helped me figure out assignments better, and I always stay after for questions if I need to. (Something I wish I had done in HS). 

#1: Your teacher is taking questions and essays for the midterm from the work that you've been doing for the last couple of weeks, which means that you have gone over it in class. Even if you don't have it written down, someone in your class does - ask around if there's something that you feel you've missed. 

#2: Most teachers have office hours - and they do that for a reason! Professors like it when you go and talk to them, so definitely use them. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.

#3: Don't cram. If you know about a test or midterm in advance, start studying as soon as you can. Your brain gradually stores up info, so by taking an hour or so each night to look over some notes will definitely pay off the night before. Also, you need sleep before a test, so get some rest that night before! 

#4: If you're given essay questions, you should really take the time to outline them and to get a good thesis. It might take a long time, or you don't usually use outlines, but if you have a really long essay it is really helpful to be able to go back and see what you were writing about in paragraph two when you're on paragraph fifteen. 

#5: Try and form study groups with your classmates. It divides the work up so you don't have to go over everything by yourself, and its really helpful studying with people - just make sure that you ask people who will do their share of the work and won't slack off.

 I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!! 

Jacket-Thrifted via Salvation Amy
Sweater-Thrifted via Regeneration
Tights & Boots-Payless 

To-Do list:
Finish Homework
Disney Paper for WGS
Finish Reading SLUT!
Read "Can't buy my love"
Edit poems
Buy stamps
clean the apartment (started)


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  1. oh man, I am so unmotivated this semester. I got really behind with the move out chaos so I started halfassing some of my work and once you put less effort in it seems you can never go back to full effort. I find myself really unmotivated overall, I feel like if I had more time to relax I might actually WANT to read things haha

  2. I can relate to that! It seems like motivation gets worse with each semester too. I never was one to cram my homework in one night. I always had to take at least a week to work on a paper, or else it would totally suck! Good luck.

  3. What a cute jacket, at such a great price! It seems like you have great luck with thrift stores :)
    Thanks for the study tips, after a rough week I've fallen behind on my work for class and I've been incredibly stressed. I'm glad you did well on your mid-terms, what a confidence booster! :)

  4. Oh good tips for studying, I know I need them. That jacket looks good on you, I don't think it's that big! Oh what a lovely bright red sweater and love the floral dress!

  5. Great tips for studying! And I love your dress and that sweater! So cute.

  6. A coat for $1? That is just too awesome. And those tips from seventeen are great!

  7. "The bangs are having one if their "whatever" days, lol." Spoken like a true bang afficianado. I always say that my bangs have a life of their own - you never know what they'll do next!

    Good luck with the studying, my love! My Finals are on Wednesday...blech!! :/


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