FNF: Love From Another

6:00 PM

In light of Valentines Day this Sunday, I thought I'd feature something love related tonight for the Friday Night Feature. After much pondering on how to conduct this interview, I decided at last to let the person featured take the reins. I present to you Kyle, my boyfriend of 8.5 years, Fiance for 2.5. and also the guy who puts up with me, and all my shenanigans. Here is Kyle's FNF: Love from another...point of view :P

She is Sara- The Kyle perspective

She is Sara to all, but all to me.

When we first met, it was just an update

You knew my brother and saw me on skates

You would yell from the porch as I glided by

Saying “hey what’s up with that dorky shirtless guy?”

You learned about that guy while boxing some fries

And decided maybe he was worth a try

You put my name on leather

I thought your middle name was lee but whatever

I asked for a date, you decided around 8 and I picked you up nervous as ever

While the date started with 4 and we hung out some more

I never dreamed it would lead to forever

Now when I look at you and our apartment for two (legged people + some furry guys)

I wonder how this all began with a key chain of leather

You Sara, bring me each day anew a reason to swoon at the

Thought of our life together

Love Kyleface

**For those of you who are not spending Valentines Day with anyone and feel down you should check out this blogpost by ModLife: Top Ten things to do on February 14th if you don't have a valentine.  (Actually, you should check it out either way, it's funny.)

To-do list:

Clean the apartment
Write Jessica
Read SLUT!
Start paper
Memorize poem
Finish Homework
Balance checkbook

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11 Musings

  1. This is the cutest! :) Happy Valentine's Day for Sunday! Although I'll no doubt talk to you before then, hehe.

  2. How sweet! You make an adorable couple ;-) Happy Valentine's Day!


  3. That is the sweetest ever! How wonderful he wrote such a cutie pie poem for you, you lucky girl!


  4. how cute!
    You asked if I wanted to exchange links, um what does that mean? Excuse my ignorance...

  5. Oh my goodness, I had no idea you were in a relationship for SO long -- I'm so happy for you! And engaged too, congrats honey! You two are very adorable together :)

  6. You two are so adorable, I smiled just reading what he wrote for you! My boyfriend of 2 years has decided to go MIA for Valentines this year, unfortunately. I'm sure he'll do something memorable and special for you. Have a wonderful V'day 2010 :)

  7. easily the cutest sweetest message ever.

  8. So your name is no longer Sara, it is now officially "The Luckiest Girl in the World!" Ohmigosh this is the sweetest thing EVER - you and Kyle are so incredibly adorable! Happy, Happy Valentine's Day my love!! :)

  9. That was a really adorable poem! Happy Vday!


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