12:49 PM

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The Dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

-Robert Frost, Dust of snow

Chieftan Iffucan of Azcan in caftan 
Of tan with henna hackles, halt!

Dammed universal cock, as if the sun 
Was blackamoor to bear your blazing tail. 

Fat!Fat!Fat!Fat! I am the personal.
Your world is you. I am my world. 

You ten-foot poet among inchlings. Fat!
Begone! An inchling bristles in these pines,

Bristles, and points their Appalachian tangs, 
And fears not portly Azcan nor his hoos.

-Wallace Stevens, Bantams in Pine-Woods.

The project this Sunday is poetry memorization. I pretty much have the first poem down by Frost, however, the second not so much. I actually picked this poem out last week, but I just now emailed my professor to see if I can use it for our memorization assignment. We have to have the poem entirely memorized, including all punctuation. We also have to explain to the class why we chose this poem, and what it means to us. The Robert Frost poem was given to us. We have been reading it together as a class for five weeks. The Wallace Stevens poem I have to start memorizing now. So, I will be very glad for any and all tips for anyone uses for memorization. 


Here is my outfit post for the day. I wore this yesterday and my friend Dan took the picture for me. I still have issues with coming up with poses, so here is another one of me standing around like the dork that I am. :P 

Shoes-Second Skin's Etsy 

To-do list:
Keep the apartment clean
Read short-stories from Alex (read one)
finish new poem
Pick out poem for close reading
Deposit check
Finish this week's homework
Trim bangs
Write Jessica
Buy food

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12 Musings

  1. I love Robert Frost. Good luck with memorizing the second one! I would give you some tips, but being a person with horrible memory, I don't think anything I would come up with would be much effective.
    I really like this look. :) The shoes are fantastic! Don't worry about the poses, you look wonderful, not even close to the dork you describe yourself as. :) I have the same issue with posing also, though. haha

  2. Aw you "pose" just fine! And those poems looks fun to memorize. Hmm the only tips I have are... I think it takes around 21 times something is repeated to you for it to transfer from short term memory to long term memory, so perhaps say it out loud 21 times...?
    Or I know when I had to memorize my Shakespeare stuff for school, it helped to write it out a lot and to say it out loud, building by line? Good luck!

  3. This poem is so great! And you look fab as always! Love that little jean dress.

  4. In terms of memorization, I always learned one line at a time. Just read a line over and over until you can't forget it, then do the same thing with the next line. Then put the two together and say them together over and over, gradually memorizing one new line at a time and then adding it on.

    Hope that helps!!

  5. You look so cute! To help me memorize, I always try to find a tune that matches and sing it along. Aaaand, just scanning it, it looks like it'd work with Feist's "1,2,3,4"

  6. I'm back! I'm back!
    Navy and Red are fabulous together and you pull this outfit off marvellously.. I dunno what you're saying about looking like a dork - you look cute! In other news, I'm terrible with memorising anything unless it's song lyrics - even then I have to sing the tune to remember them.. :p

    Thanks for your comments while I was away. I missed you too!
    Now I'm off to read all your other adventures before starting to post mine oxoxo

  7. hi sara. lovely blog, i'll definitely trade links!
    your jumper is adorable. as for tips on memorization...take one stanza at a time. robert frost is a fave, i should work on memorizing something, it's great for your brain :D

  8. For the record, sometimes the best pictures are hte ones of us standing around like dorks - at least they're natural; and they always seem endearing. Loving this picture of you, Sara - you are adorable. And your brogues are fabulous!! Love Robert Frost, by the way!! :)

  9. That jumper is just too darling :-) Robert Frost is one of my favvvess. Good luck!!

  10. cute outfit! I love your shoes!

    lovelove, M.


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