A Day In The Life

11:15 PM

 I have always been fascinated with the mundane, little things that people do throughout the day. It is all fine and dandy to know that someone is a runner, or likes Doctor Who, or both! But the little things, the way they cut their toast, their ticks, what they like to listen to on the way to work, etc. help shape and define the character of a person. I think this is why I like snapchat so much, it is like micro-blogging! Actually, I am the worst snapchat user ever. It's all just selfies at my desk, and whatever cardio machine I am on at the gym. Anywho, I decided to try to document my daily happenings a few Fridays ago, and I made it to about the early evening. Here is a day in the life of Sara-h Jane (Party Cat Sara). 


This is probably my favorite breakfast: A whole grain english muffin, with grannie apple slices, cinnamon, and a little too much peanut butter. Paired with cinnamon coffee in my disappearing TARDIS mug that my brother gave me for Christmas. I typically eat my breakfast on the floor, in front of my closet mirror while I put on my makeup and jewelry for the day.

IMG_7960 IMG_7962 IMG_7963

My outfit for the day-I kept it hella causal on Fridays-a favorite T-shirt, a favorite crop sweater, ripped jeans, and Target shoes. I tend to carry my work bag, my purse, and my gym bag with me every day, so I typically look like a pack mule leaving the house. I often take photos of my street, it  is so pretty in the morning, even if it was cold that day.  

My commute to work  is usually short, about 15-20 minutes, but if there is traffic, it can get a little crazy. I typically listen to music from my Ipod on the way to work, but I often will tune into NPR or BBC Radio 2 drive. 

IMG_7965 IMG_7966

Truck butts great me every day, as I work for an oil distributor. Once I get to my desk, I make a pot of cinnamon coffee for my boss and I (I got him addicted to it). I then boot up my computer, write out my to-do list for the day, get my office mail, journal a bit, and pick out some tunes for the day. 

Most days I won't bother with taking a lunch, as I get paid if I just work through it. However, the previous day was payday, so I decided to leave and hit up Whole Foods. Normally I have Mariah with me, but she was out of town this week, so I sat around like a loser by myself. Seriously, I looked like the biggest turd taking a photo of my sushi with not just my phone, but my fancy camera. Anyway, the sushi was actually pretty good, but that could have been because I was eating lunch somewhere other than my desk. 

IMG_7967 IMG_7968

After work I hit the gym. Sometimes I have either Mariah, Dani, or Greg with me, if not all of them. I have been going to Planet Fitness for a few months now, and I really like it. I used to workout to rid myself of life's stresses, but lately I have been really trying to get into shape. I have never  been one to use weights, so it is awesome learning new things. 


That was as far as I made it on that particular evening. After the gym I headed home to wash up, then went over to my friend Aaron's house to play Magic the Gathering until 4 am, despite having to work the next morning. Yep. even playing cards turns into a Party Cat event. It is hard for me to remember to take photos during the fun times because I am too busy enjoying myself. That is why my snapchats fall short, and my Instagram is just Louie and bagels. Still, I can't complain. Life is far from perfect right now, and I would be lying if I said I wish certain aspects were different, but as a whole I can safely say that I am feeling OK. 

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7 Musings

  1. What a lovely portrait of your current life. I'm glad it's stable and healthy. Sail on, my friend!

  2. Awesome photos! Gotta admit..those 4 a.m. long nights are waaay past me! All the best on everything!

  3. So great to see what you captured. Great post!

  4. I love this post, Sara - it's the most lovely portrait of who you are. Learning that you put your makeup on while eating breakfast in front of the mirror is interesting; and the fact that you look like a pack mule as you head out the door had me LOLing. I agree, it's the little intricacies and quirks of a person's personality that make them so interesting.


  5. I think this documentation of your current daily life was cute and I liked the pictures with it. Your snapchats make me smile because you are always doing something and are usually with others. Even the simple things make me smile.

  6. Mmm English muffins! I need to find myself some of them, they taste so good!

  7. i agree and find posts like this so interesting! it's just great to know how other people live their lives, haha! also, that mug of yours is pretty cool (and i want to become a party cat too..) :-) xx


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