Marche Du Nain Rouge

11:25 PM

When I stepped out of my room to inform my Dad of my plans for my whereabouts a few Sunday's back, I barely managed two words out before he just stood back trying to look angry but failing. "What the hell" was his loving reaction to my outfit: A red plaid sweater, shorts with leggings (layered over workout pants, because cold), boots, sunglasses, and cat ears, whiskers, and a tail. Typical Sunday garb, correct? 

He then rambled on about how he couldn't understand the cat thing, it must be something associated with being born in October. I politely responded to him by saying that at least I wasn't doing cocaine. Cocaine? That he could understand (how the fuck do I react to that?!) but dressing like a cat all of the time? Nope. 

As I grabbed my camera and ran out the door to meet my friend Greg, my dad called after me, suggesting that I see if the need a Catwoman for the next Batman movie. 

Party Catwoman. I like it. 

Anyway, the Nain Rouge, French for "Red Dwarf"is a mythical creature that some believe originated in Normandy, France. Original legends tell of the creature being protector of Detroit, but, due to modern interpretations, it is now feared by the residents as the "harbinger of doom." Each year, residents of Detroit and its surrounding areas gather to march in a hodge-podge of a march to rid the city of the Nain. 

This year was my first year, and Greg's too so it was nice to be a newb with someone. Everyone was dressed crazy! Lots of red, all sorts of masks, kids running around everywhere, people brought their pets out, there were floats, and jugglers and music and of course, dancing in the street! I had an absolute blast! It was right down the street from Mariah's apartment, so she came and checked it out for a bit as well. We ran into some of Greg's friends, some of my buds from B. Nektar Meadery, and of course a bunch of rennies. I did my best to take photos, but eventually handed it off to Mariah to take back with her to her apartment while we danced in the marche. It is nice to live life enjoying the moment every now and then. 

Click here to read more up on the Nain Rouge!

IMG_7988 IMG_7991 IMG_7993
IMG_7996 IMG_7997 IMG_8005 IMG_8001 IMG_8002 

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11 Musings

  1. And, yet again, I learn about something very cool.

  2. Parents understand nothing - dressing like a cat is cool, anyone who says otherwise can kick rocks {no offense to your dad btw}. And the idea of a Party Catwoman? Yes please!

    This event looks like such a blast!


  3. Oh how fun! Love that you get with friends to do this! Amazing outfit!

  4. So cool! Definitely, a fun time, all around! Great write up!

  5. sounds and looks like you had a fun time! and you look great, too! xx

  6. You look like you had a great time :)

  7. Sarah, I'm still laughing at your father. He is so funny. I love hearing about cult tales :D That is so cool. Glad you had fun.

  8. Cocaine he could understand? Oh Dads. Haha. I love that you dress like a cat all the time - if I did that here I'd definitely be sent back to the hospital. Haha. Go you!

  9. Beautiful photos, the clothes look so stunning!


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