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7:37 PM

October. my favorite month of the year. has flown by yet again. This year was different from all of the previous years in so many ways, I missed out on a few of my favorite activities, but, had so many wonderful new adventures. I went to Theater Bizarre for the very first time with the Party Cats, went to a pirate party, finally went to Erebus, and celebrated entering my 30's twice! Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, I am starting to crave hibernation. The past few weekends have been a very good balance of partying with friends, and low-key things like thrifting, brunch,trips to Lush, and spontaneous coffee dates. I am looking forward to continuing this balance, with a few more nights in during the week. 2015 was the year of embracing myself, and letting loose. I am looking forward to a year of becoming mentally, and physically healthier. I want to continue spending time with all of my wonderful friends, reading, working on this blog, and going on adventures. 2016 is going to be the year of balance (I am a Libra after all), so why not start now? 

Oh, and my hair is blue now. 


1) Wrapped-up the last weekend of the Michigan Renaissance Festival selling merch for Stone Clover, and enjoying loads of cider. 
2) Pumpkins at the Detroit Whole Foods looking very pumpkin-y.
3) New fall boots!
4) The extent of my fall decorating. 
5) Party Cats at Theater Bizarre.
6) Amazing birthday art by H.D. Harris.
7) Trip to Franklin Cider Mill. 
8) Cider + doughnuts = perfection. 
9) Had a low-key Halloween running around in sparkly dragon horns.

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7 Musings

  1. Looks like you're off to a very good start. A fellow Libra will tell you, "Balance is key."

  2. Some Awesome times! Looks like great fun! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Sweet times! Great blue hair too!

  4. It's my favorite month also. It went by too quickly! HAHAHA It's such a fun month. Love those pumpkins.

  5. You've got the hair color versatility of Mandy Moore: any and all shades look amaze on you babe - digging the blue.

    Also pertinent: you are my Goddess for all of the crock pot info you gave me in your comment yesterday. I totes need to pick one up now - sooner, rather than later. I'm cooking illiterate, so I'm hoping it will simplify things a bit for me. :P


  6. I am so looking forward to 2016, I just have really good feelings about the year! Sounds like you had a pretty great October!

  7. Here's to a great new decade and fresh start in life. Happy 30th birthday!!!!!



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