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10:35 AM

I am not entirely sure what happened, but I summered the hell out of June. This month has been full of bonfires in the backyard, pretty orchids blooming everywhere, loads of kale growing in the garden, sunglasses, comfy shoes, pretty sunsets, heaps of coffee, and lots of girly, summery outfits.

Jen was sweet enough to bring me as her date to the Detroit Fireworks this month through her work, which is really a once in a lifetime experience for someone like me. We wore our most sparkly outfits (to look like fireworks, duh), danced to a hilarious band, drank wine, got a bunch of swag, took ridiculous photos in the photo booth, ate yummy food, were on TV and photographed for Hour! I felt so fancy, and had an absolute blast hanging out with Jen's coworkers, who ended up knowing some mutual friends (everyone knows everyone in this city, I swear!).

I also went camping for the first time of the year, which I already posted about here. I am so pumped for the two that I have planned for July, I am going kayaking on both trips, and I have never been. Much excite.

Also, also! I placed third in my age group for the Run, Walk, Boom 5k fundraiser that I ran on Saturday morning! Considering I have barely ran this year, and had to run in the pouring rain, I am quite pleased with myself.

June has been a great month, and although I am not a huge fan of July, this summer has been pretty good so far, so I am staying optimistic and all that jazz. Come on July, bring it. 

1) A majestic selfie. 
2) Growing ALL of the kale!
3) Being a yuppie at work. 
4) keeping warm by the campfire. 
5) Pretty sunset at the campgrounds. 
6) Dressed like fireworks for the fireworks!
7) Actual fireworks.
8) Pretty orchids in full bloom by my work. 
9) Iced coffee runs get me through the work week. 

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13 Musings

  1. Your Instagram pictures are always so fun! It looks like you're enjoying a fun summer so far and that is awesome!!

  2. That looks like an almighty June! I'm a bit jealous, I seemed to spend mine walking up and down a massive hill. All. Month. Long.
    M x

  3. Woohoo what an epic month! Hope July lives up to these standards. Loved the firework dresses, they were fab! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. And you learn't what Glamping is lol, exciting times you had ;), i have 4 blogs to do but i am lazy and busy planning our Japan Holiday lol.

  5. Your June looks seriously awesome compared to my work-filled one.

  6. I think July has a lot to live up to! Any month with fireworks in is a winner for me!

  7. Awesome Instagram! Love these! Hoe your July if fun and full of fun surprises!

  8. Hey hey! I loooove whole foods! Also, thanks so much for what you said about my Kate Nash CD design. That was so sweet of you. I worked so hard on it and it was so fun so I am so happy to see that other people enjoy it too :)

  9. P.S. I am in love with your pour-over header. So pretty and unique looking. XO

  10. You have done so many awesome things Sara! You're having fun and doing what you want to. Keep at it!

  11. It sounds like you literally had the best June EVER! Yes to backyard bonfires!!


  12. your june sounds so good, i hope july will be as lovely for you (and more summery for me)! xx

  13. Yay, glad you had a good month. I love that first selfie. and I LOVE your purple hair!! So happy you dyed it, it looks really good on you!



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