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1:14 PM

While texting Hassaun this morning (shooting the shit, like you do), I told him that after the hormonal roller-coaster that was last week, I am kicking this week in the ass. He then responded with "So, you are going all Fight Club on this week?" yes, yes I am. I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed lately, and it is all my own doing. Planning parties two weeks in a row, a trip out to Ypsi to see a band, trying to hit the gym, taking care of the house, tackling all of the projects, while trying desperately to get caught up at work. This is what happens when you are an overachieving idealist, you never sleep. So! This week I decided to tap my inner Rory Gilmore and make a bunch of lists, then started to work at them. I have piles of things to get through, messes to clean, and loads of ideas to put into action, and I have no idea when/if I will ever cross off everything on these lists, but I am choc full of coffee and feeling ambitious. 

Lately I have been trying to stay in the mindset of looking at the positive aspects in life, instead of dwelling on the negative. Let me tell you, that shit is hard. It is so easy to tell someone else to do it, but there are days when after a few things don't go as planned and it is all I can do to keep from bawling my eyes out (cue raccoon-faced Sara, because lets be honest, I cry. A lot). Some days. weeks, months, will always go better than others, but just because one month is crap, it doesn't take away how amazing a past one was. Forgetting about the good times just makes things dour, and that is bad new bears. 

For instance, lets take a look at this outfit: I may have worn this stupid shirt for the past three Fourth of Julys, but it still holds up. I may have been ten pounds lighter the last time I wore shorts this short in public, but these are cute shorts. My legs look like I was playing hours of softball before these photos were taken, but bruises are just proof that I like to play outside! Okay, they are just proof that I am anemic, but whatever. I have no idea why I am making such derpy faces in these pics, but my hair stayed curled all damn day for once! #KeepItOnTheUP

Also! Purple hair  + a harness make me feel like I look like a superhero. And sometimes, you just gotta be your own hero. 

Shirt, & shoes-Thrifted
Sunglasses-Forever 21

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12 Musings

  1. I think you ARE a superhero! And making lists is sometimes the best ways to figure out what needs to get done and then tackling it. And PS - you look amazing in this outfit!

  2. You will get it ALL done Sara! I have days like that too! It can be so frustrating. I'm finding that most bloggers have that tendency. I know when I started blogging, I said "that is me". We want everything just so and when it doesn't, things can fall to pieces. Make a list. Do what you can, and realize tomorrow is another day to get something accomplished. Great outfit! Always keep what works.

  3. All so cool! You do have an energy I long for. I hope your week is going well. Love the outfit!

  4. Awesome! You totally ROCK!

  5. We have been lazy and not done much house work the last two weeks so now we have an assload of washing to do :(, still can't be bothered lol. Time goes too quickly and before you know it, christmas will be here then the new year starts all over again. But life goes on, just follow your list and you will be done befoe the caffeine fix ends and you end up in the fetal position crying in a ball...no wait thats me :P

  6. Cute outfit! And your hair looks so cute curled like that! I wish my hair would hold curls. They look great when I'm home, but then I go outside and they go poof! Disappear. :(


  7. I've found myself having a hard time, too. The past couple of weeks have been really rough on me stress-wise, and I was definitely a wreck and few times. I'm happy to hear you're kicking ass now, though. :D I'm definitely feeling more up to par these days. I hope it stays that way.

  8. That harness is amazing - as is this entire outfit {purple hair included}! Here's to kicking this week in the butt!


  9. When I was a child I thought it would be amazing to be a grown up. I thought Grown ups had it easy because of course they were in charge of everything. What a wake up call! I know what it is like trying to do everything I expect of myself-the work, the fun, stay gorgeous while doing it! It's damn near impossible really but you seem to have a good handle on things. I love how realistic your blog is, encouraging, upbeat but not selling us a load of shit without bruises. Real life comes with bruises. And looks amazing with purple hair! xo

  10. Urgh, I've been having some of those crappy weeks lately, but this weekend was just perfect so that made up for all of it.

    Damn that hair!

  11. better late than never right? lol I love this outfit. I totally dig that harness thingymajigy you do look like a super dope super hero!


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