A Room Of One's Own

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"A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." -Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

I never realized how much I completely missed having a door on my room, until I no longer had one. The way the house is set up, the upstairs is the bedroom, but there isn't a door because it would be awkward at the bottom of the staircase and would crowd the hallway. Without a door, the sounds from the rest of the house carry upstairs. I can plug my laptop in the kitchen, hook up speakers, and blast Best Coast and be able to hear Bethany Cosentino's melodic voice throughout the entire house. From the foot of the bed, I can hear Kyle cracking a beer in the kitchen, I can hear Liam digging through the drawers in the library, I can hear the guys watching the Tiger's game on TV (and also arguing with each other about sports things), I can hear Mariah's phone getting a text message, and of course the asshole dogs barking at everything, always, because asshole dogs.

Doors don't just help keep the noises of daily life a bit quieter, they also are barrier to keep the room shut off from the rest of the world, at least for a little while. Back in the old apartment, most of the blogging, or reading I did was in the office. The office was a bit of a garbage pit, but, because it could be so easily closed off, everyone forgot about it. Now? I have Kyle barging up the stairs to get pajamas, the dogs jumping in my lap, and Liam trying to steal my Ipod charger.

I live in a noisy, restless environment, and most of the time I really enjoy it. There is something annoyingly comforting about coming home and not knowing if the house is going to be empty, or full of people. To open the fridge and find questionable leftovers that are not mine, to discover seemingly endless amounts of beer stashed all over, or to be just getting out of the shower and finding Mark getting the firepit going in the backyard. This amount of exposure to others would have clawed at the inside of my mind two years ago, but now it is almost endearing. I appreciate how much I have been able to let go of so much of my control freak tendencies, and be more open and accepting to the world around me, instead of constantly being disappointed in how things don't go my way.

However, I still need space. I need a few hours of alone time to edit, and prep blog posts. To sit and read comic books, to get dressed without someone barging in the room, and to occasionally get a good night's rest (because listening to someone else's alarm go off three times before 4 am, due to their 5 am shift is loads of fun, I am telling you!). Though I do not have money to spare, or any fictional short stories buzzing around my mind currently, a room of one's own is much appreciated. Even for a few moments of updating a conversational personal blog.

room8 room5
Room3 room2
room10 room7

*Edit: I might have to share this room on occasion.

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19 Musings

  1. I think our bedrooms are the same color! And I spy a slurpee cup... Hehe I love getting slurpees from 7eleven!


  2. Yes, we all do need a room of our own -- with a door! Amusing and interesting post. Thanks for the peek into your home.

  3. I am used to having just the 2 of us and like having people stay for a couple of days but not too long. We have had bad experiences with that and It is usually my fault because i am too trusting. But that's life and Ukelele's are awesome ;)

  4. Before we had Ollie our spare bedroom was "my" room - it was part giant walk in closet and part creative space for me. I miss it. When we get a bigger house someday I'm planning to have my own room again. I'm so glad you have a space for you!

  5. I love living alone. I never close doors except the front door of my home. I can only comfortably share my living space with people I love and am close to. I love visitors but then I need them to go away. When I was growing up I adored my bedroom and spent a lot of time there with the door closed. Then for the majority of my adult life I shared my home with partner and then partner and child and had no private space at all. When that changed all of the space was mine. I have no complaints! xo

  6. I think it's important for everyone to have their own space. Yours is so cute Sara! I can see why everyone wants to peek in. Enjoy it!

  7. Everyone needs their own space, whether it's a room or a place. I love that book by Virginia Woolf, btw. I need to read it again soon.

  8. Oh man I'm in the same boat as you deary. I'm finding myself just wanting to close of a room and have it be my own. Just some alone time. And I've been obsessed with fixing all the doors in my house, Mike thinks I'm crazy but I will rehang every door in the flat until they close properly!

    Miss ya
    Sparrow & Urchin

  9. Oh! I love the room! Yes, its hard to find some really alone time. I share my space too. Awesome post!

  10. Sweet details to your place. I'd hate for you to see how messy I am. Oh, that heart pillow..it made me smile.

  11. Haha! I share my room with furbabies too; but I totally get where you're coming from - I feel like my room is the one place where I can just exhale.


  12. I love having time to myself for blogging! Although, I used to have my desk in the bedroom and Kris would have his desk in the living room, but that got a bit boring so we're now both in the same room. But our house is pretty quiet so it's ok to share. Too many people and too much noise drives me insane haha!

  13. Awww...your room is so adorable! To be honest, I don't know if I could ever live without a door to my room..XD Having had a room with my own closet and bathroom for as long as I can remember, having privacy and a quiet place to work is something (I now see) I have taken for granted.
    But anywho, I love your room! thanks for sharing! :)

  14. Your room looks really comfy and I love your hair color sooo much :) xx

  15. Heeey I like the look of that stack of comics ;-) Cute room!

  16. You did a really good job at making the room yours! I agree, we all need a room with a door. You had me laughing really hard at finding leftovers in the fridge that aren't yours. I'm catching up on your blog posts lady (I've been a bad blogger lately) and I'm loving it!!


  17. Such a pretty room, I wish mine looked like this.


  18. BEcause asshole dogs. Yup. This was a beautifully written and honest post and I loved every bit of it :)


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