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10:24 PM

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On Saturday, Kyle and I had a teenage girl day. We drove around in my car listening to Taylor Swift, then went to Somerset Mall in Troy to buy things. I don't even remember the last time I was at the mall, let alone with Kyle, but it was hilarious. We kept picking up things going "Oh, I like this!" only to see the price tag and follow with "No I don't!" and put it back down. I did leave the mall with a bath bomb from Lush, I even fought a sea of teenage girls to get to them (aka, hovered awkwardly until they left).  We took these pictures in the back of the parking lot, shhh, don't tell anyone. 

We then went and picked up sushi in Clawson, and stopped to have a couple of pints at Black Lotus Brewery. We went there when they first opened, and I remember that I hated it. That was also probably 7 years ago or so, and therefore before I liked beer. Now, I pretty much like all beers aside from IPAs. We ended up taking a growler to go, and went home and binged on Supernatural. Honestly, those kinds of days are the absolute best! I love just bumming around with Kyle, or with friends, and quiet nights at home watching movies, or TV. My parents got us some really awesome movies for Christmas, one being Arsenic and Old Lace, and I can't wait to have a movie night. 

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There really isn't anything special to this outfit, other than some new-to-me items. The sweater, and the scarf are both recent thrifting finds. I think I am done buying winter clothes though, I want to save my money for summer clothes, and paying off bills (or whatever). I do have to buy more gloves though, I have lost at least three pairs since October. It is a serious problem. I even lost the pair that I borrowed from Kyle. Whoops. 

I feel like this post is super lame, but I don't have anything really interesting going on right now. It is all work, gym, house stuff, sleep, and trying to catch up with friends on the weekends (which has been rather awesome!).  I have some cool posts planned for this blog, and I really can't wait to get started on it. In the meantime, I will try to get around to styling up all of the winter clothes that I have been hoarding. 

Som4 Som2

Coat & Boots-Target
Jeans-Old Navy
Scarf & Sweater-Thrifted
Glasses-Warby Parker
Necklace & Purse-Gift 

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16 Musings

  1. Lame? Au contraire! I love love love this lip-color. And the hue of the coat is inviting. The stark Winter photos of trees mesmerize us. And who doesn't enjoy lazy days with our sweethearts? Lots to enjoy in this post.

  2. I am sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt complaining about 30 degrees lol. Give me the snow :), I want to come over and drink Growlers. Love the pics as always :)

  3. good thrifting finds; i'm sure I used to have a jumper just like the wool your scarf is made out of! and how pretty is that parking lot? it looks like you're out in the middle of nowhere

  4. Such a beautiful knitted scarf! Love this outfit! Great winter outing!

  5. Sweet weekend! Love your coat and colors! Sounds like you guys had some fun!

  6. I love this look. All the colors work so well together. You look great! Your day with Kyle sounds perfect. I love a day of bumming around, too!

  7. Your day sounds so fun to me, that totally sounds like something Nate and I would do, especially the beer drinking! And I love me some Lush bath bombs! And I adore your scarf, the colors are fantastic!

  8. I LOVE that you two had a teenage girl day together. Annnnnnd it's pretty darn awesome your hubby let you listen to Tay Swift. I LOVE it when my boyfriend lets me listen to her in the car and sing-a-long horribly on the top of my lungs! Your outfit is super cute! I LOVE that jacket!


  9. You do look super cozy in that outfit. I love that bag!!

    We had a nice relaxing day like this on Saturday, trip to town, buy a few bits and even popped into the Mexican place in town for a late lunch! Perfect.

    Enjoy your week!

  10. This post is definitely not super lame! I love it Sara! I was laughing at the I love it...No I don't part! HAHAHA I've done the same thing. Mine is usually, I don't love it that much! You two had a great day! Lush bombs are always interesting. Love the color of your coat and hat. Looks so pretty together. Beautiful color burst against the snow. Glad to see you blogging. Never think you're boring.

  11. Haha I always say "I love this!" But immediately put it back once I look at the price tag lol I am not a fan of expensive clothes, I like to shop the clearance racks :D Also this post isn't boring! Stop saying that!!! We love reading your posts! :)


  12. How is this scene from the back of a mall parking lot? I mean, seriously...it's like a winter wonderland!

    I have never tried Lush before, but I'm desperate to try their bath bombs!


  13. You guys are so funny, cute couple! That's teenage day sounds really fun :D You look pretty as always, love you mustard jacket and scarf :)

  14. Very pretty outfit and snowy place. That made me chuckle in reading about you guys picking up clothes at the mall saying you love them and then putting them back. I haven't been to the mall in a long time myself. It is weird because Rob and I used to go there constantly when we were dating and first married. . . I guess once I actually worked there for six months in a kiosk I got tired of it. haha.


  15. Ha! I love that you took the photos back of the parking lot...in true blogger fashion! LOL If you hadn't told us though I would have thought you were in the middle of a forest.

    I need to go back to my teenage days. Now I just see something I like, and don't bother to look at the price tag until I'm at the cash. Then I almost pass out from sticker shock but have to act all chilled like it doesn't even matter but casually asking, "What is your return policy?" Cause yeah...I'll be back in a week.


  16. oh how cute!

    getting back to teenage days - always fun for a minute))

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