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Hi everybody! This is Kyle (a.k.a. Sara’s frustratingly lazy husband), I am doing a little write up for the blog today on an event we went to back in December in the midst of the holiday season.

We were as we usually are, blissfully unaware of awesome local happenings while spending the afternoon casually celebrating the combinations of hops and barley,… so yes we were just sitting at the bar drinking beer with our good friend Dan! It was a Saturday and we love beer, don’t judge us.

While relaxing I happened to call my younger brother Chris Gerard who happens to constantly know about interesting things going on around town and he mentioned that Pure Detroit was doing a Holiday pop-up BierGarten in the lobby of the historic Fisher Building and invited us to tag along.

Fischer Fischer 2 Fischer 3 Fischer 4

The Fisher Building in itself is simply amazing and having an excuse to relax with a good local brew while soaking in the building was reason enough to go, it also happened to be an event benefiting  the Parade Company to restore classic Paper Mache parade heads from the 1930’s- 1960’s and they had many on display in the lobby.

Sara and I are giant dorks and usually can’t resist going down to see the Thanksgiving Day parade the Parade Company puts on, so seeing seldom out of storage parade heads was very exciting and we went along to check them out.

Fischer 5 Fischer 6 Fischer 7 Fischer 8 Fischer 9 Fischer 10 Fischer 11 Fischer 15

The Pure Detroit tour included a trip up to the 19th floor of the building for some great views of the city, which despite a heavy haze/fog/sight blocking feature provided by the weather gods, it was still very cool to casually have a chance to look down from such a famous local landmark.

I admit that while we simply took my brother up on an invite for this event and otherwise had no intention of going to the Fisher building in the near future, just being inside of it made me want to check out a play there sometime soon and possibly spend some more time exploring the incredible building that both functions now with an increasing slew of local businesses but also arguably the best theater in the city aside from the often overshadowing Fox Theater further downtown.

I’ll have to remember to call family more often, because while drinking beer with good friends is always fun, doing so while supporting a great local organization is practically charitable,… or at least makes me feel better about enjoying my beer.

Fischer 12 Fischer 13 Fischer 14

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11 Musings

  1. Awesome photos! What a fun time!

  2. How fun! I want to hang out with you guys!!

  3. Great photos! Looks like fun. But some of those statues are pretty creepy haha


  4. That sounds like so much fun! What a neat event in a cool place! Love all the pictures!

  5. What a great post! Terrific subject, entertaining prose and colorful pictures. You need your own blog, Kyle. Really!

  6. Now I know what happens to the giant heads and sculptures they have in parades... I didn't realise they would keep them but I guessed they wouldn't throw them away.

    All those details in the window arch way! It's a really impressive building!

  7. One day i'll get my act together and step inside this building - it's so pretty! Also great photographs of the views of Downtown!

  8. After reading this I realize now more than ever before that you and Kyle were literally made for each other - you have the same sense of humor, and self-deprecating way about you. I love it. And now I want to find a beer garden.


  9. That was so awesome to attend! The Fisher building is gorgeous and those "sculptures" were fab! Each has so much personality!

  10. Another reason for us to come over lol. We really should stop spending and start saving..but then i do love traveling


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