Something Borrowed, Something Blue

9:33 PM


I think the best clothes are the hand-me-downs, and borrowed clothes from friends. This blue number originally belonged to Lauren! She sent me a box of clothes awhile back, and this one is one of my favorites, solely because it just reminds me so much of her. My little sailor babe-friend! I also have some cute stuff from Ebony that I need to style up! As well as some stuff that my co-worker gave me. Needless to say, I am slacking in the outfit photo department. 

I feel like every time that I post, all I do is talk about how busy life is, but, alas, life is busy! I keep telling myself that I have "just one more week to get through", and that stretches out into the weekend, and in turn, the next week. Oy! Right now I am trying really hard to catch up with all of the people I have had to blow off during the holidays. I have also been working really hard to get caught up at work, thankfully this week has been slow, so I am making a small dent. I have also been living at the gym this past week, trying to burn off stress, and calories. By some miracle, I only managed to gain one pound over the holidays (huzzah!) and also was able to lose it already. I hope that I can keep this up, because I have been feeling rather awesome leaving the gym after these workouts. I have also been making sure to pack lunches, lay out clothes, pack my gym bag, and get the coffee ready each night before bed. My poor house has been neglected, but the dogs have been getting decent walks, so there's that.


Keeping with the theme here, I have a busy rest-of-the-week, with work, the gym, laundry, and packages to get in the mail (Christmas gifts still!), and a busy weekend ahead. I have plans for a really cool blog post that I am excited about, so stay tuned! 

Cardigan-Forever 21
Hat & Boots-Target
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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15 Musings

  1. This dress is soo cute! I want one!
    Melanie @

  2. I enjoy hearing about your busy life, it's nice to know that other people don't have oodles of time to do shit like the rest of blogland appears to have. Life will be back to busy here when I go back to work on Monday, and I have to tackle that giant to do pile that I am in denial about... Stupid work.

    I never really got any hand me downs as a kid or even now. But I do enjoy picking up some second hand clothes from the charity shop. It's always nice to give something a new home :)

    Looking lovely as always! Blue looks nice on you!

  3. OMG Sara you need to wear blue more often - it makes your eyes pop like WHOA! Love this look girly!


  4. Cute dress. And I agree that clothes with a sentimental past have special significance. Have a fun day, Sara.

  5. I love hand me downs too! I've been lucky to get quite a few from some very generous folks too! This dress is so lovely on you and I love it paired with the cardigan! I hope things settle down for you soon!

  6. Such a cute dress! Hand-me-downs are awesome. I am lucky to have four sisters who are constantly giving me great stuff! Awesome job with your workouts! You rock!

  7. Awesome outfit! Love the winter slouchy hat too!

  8. Truly a sweet outfit. Love it!

  9. She sent me clothes to borrow a while back too and they were some of my favorites ever!! I totally love her clothes and they look great on you! Whoo Hoo!!!! This is beautiful!!

  10. This looks so lovely, I really like the dress - definitely my style! You have done so well with the gym, I really need to get back into it soon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  11. A really cool blog post? I can't wait! Also, you look super cute in these photos. I love the dress!


  12. Sara, it seems like you've fallen in a pretty good routine girl. Exercising can be invigorating. Gives you stamina! Keep it up! I love clothes that have meaning. Looks beautiful on you.

  13. This is an absolutely stunning dress. I adore the gorgeous collar and the print. The collar is so sweet, I am always drawn to pieces with collars like this.

  14. Your hair is dark again? How did I miss that? I just wanna move to Michigan... what do I need to do that in a year or so? So I can keep up with your life. AND no way are your posts lacking... I have been waaaaay too busy exploring to actually write about my adventures. WAH. Aint it the way? I just wanna play show & tell.

    You look fab! When I come over do I even bring clothes? Or do I just raid your wardrobe every day? HAHA. LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH shiny soul xx


  15. I love hand-me-downs too because a lot of the time it's stuff you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself. This dress is super cute. I actually have a similar one in a navy blue polka dot print. I really like collars like this! This looks great on you!

    Jamie |


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