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In the past 24 hours, all of my social media feed has been filled with personal posts declaring various resolutions for a 'new year, new me!'.  I don't think I can blame them, I think it is natural for humans to want to create a fresh start, so why not at the very start of the year, in the dead of winter? I do fear the crowd at the gym tomorrow, but give it two weeks and everyone will decide that evenings are better spent with Netflix, than the treadmill, amiright? Of course, that being said, I have had "A New You" by Jenny Lewis stuck in my head all day. 

New 3 New2

There are no full-body outfit shots for this post, they were all blurry. But, check out my bowtie! I wear bowties now, bowites are cool. 

Even though I could make a list of resolutions like I have in years prior, and you guys know my love for list-making, I feel that this year needs to be different. Yes, it would be nice to finally drop those last 12 pounds, or to finish up that project I have been working on, read all of the books that are piled beside my bed for once, and so on. These are all things that are sort-of continuing goals though, or things that I have already started working on. For 2015, I am going to pick a very adult resolution (barf!): My resolution for 2015 is to pay off my credit card debt, and save up money. I know, I KNOW, boring as piss! But, there is some decent reasoning behind this, aside from the obvious. Having credit card debt makes me a little too scared to do the one thing that I would really like to do; travel. Coming back from Chicago last year to a giant dent in my credit card from the Weezer Cruise the previous month had put a damper on the rest of the year. I feel guilty spending money on short trips like that, when I know that if I just pay off my debt, I can then use my money to travel further to visit all of my wonderful friends who have migrated all over the place. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Michigan, I do, but I sometimes feel like I really have never been anywhere. 

So, that being said, where would I like to go? Lots of places! But for 2015 in particular I would love to spend a weekend in Chicago with my friend Mariah, and show her around. I would really love to visit all of my wonderful friends in New York (another place I have never been!), and I am determined to visit Lauren in California next fall (again, never been). Word on the interwebz is that there is also a Weezer cruise III in the works, so I want to save up for that, so that I won't have to charge everything on credit cards.

New 4

Here, have a pic of Kyle doing Kyle things.

I feel that my goal can be reached, but like most resolutions, it will be hard at times. I can be pretty frugal, I just need to stick with my plans, because planning everything is what really helps out when trying to save money (list things, yay!). I also just downloaded the Mint app, after hearing some great recommendations, so I will see how that goes.

Now I am off to wash laundry, and dry them in our new dryer thanks to my parents! Having piles of clean clothes to pick through the past few days has been life changing. I love having a dryer, so much.

Blogging might  be a little slow for a few weeks, as I have loads of things to catch up on at work, and will need to spend more time there, poop. In the meantime, here is Jenny Lewis:

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18 Musings

  1. I love the pics, I can't believe you haven't been to New York or California. I know paying off the credit card is a good thing :), you will get there it just takes time and patience :)

  2. Good luck in going debt free in 2015! It was our only big resolution last year and I can happily say we now have no credit card bills, debts etc and it was one of the best things we've ever done. It may sound boring but it will be the best decision you ever made.
    Happy New Years lovely! x

  3. You look so cute, Sara - that bowtie suits you perfectly!

    Happy New Year lovely!


  4. Come to New York, Sara. You won't have to pay a thing. I'll foot the entire bill.

    You, in a bowtie, is more cute than I can stand. Aaarrgghh!!!

  5. Happy New year!Love the bowtie!

  6. Oh such an awesome song! All the best to a new year! Love the outfit!

  7. And this is why I like you. I love Jenny Lewis! I'll be so jealous if you go to New York by the way!

  8. Love these photos of you! and lol I honestly can't stand the "new year, new me" tweets I see... the same people said that at the beginning of 2014. I don't know why people feel like they can only "start again" during the new year... people can hit that refresh button whenever they want! :P

    and yeah, the gyms are always packed right now... but give it a few weeks and they'll be empty again lol good luck with your goals, I hope you have a great 2015 :)


  9. Sara, you will feel so much better. I paid all mine off in December. Boy did I feel like a load was off of me. HAHAHA Do it! You can! It just takes commitment. Love your bow tie! Looks great on you! Happy New Year Doll!

  10. Anything I want to change in the new year I started working on already! I'm not really a resolution type of person. I think your goal is a wonderful one! It'll definitely pay off!

    Also, I love your bow tie. I want to rock a bow tie now!

    Happy new year!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  11. My favourite looks on you are the boy-inspired but cute ones and I love this one with the bow tie! You have a gamine aspect to you and this really suits it. Credit card debt is not comfortable for me either so I don't find your resolution boring at all. I find it quite reasonable. It is something you have to deal with so you can happily do the fun things you want to do. I also totally get being thrilled with a dryer. I love my washer and dryer though they are just basic models. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. xoxo

  12. Yes yes, you need to visit me! And as Shybiker said, you wouldn't pay for anything here you'd have me as your sugar-mama! Well maybe some bus fare ;) I can't wait till you visit, and snuggle with Tripp dog all night and then city explore all day!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  13. Sometimes adult resolutions are a good thing! Something boring and adult like that can lead to bigger and better things, so I think paying off the credit card is a great idea! We're lucky with the 'credit card' we have here in Belgium, it doesn't allow for carrying the debt over and each month you have to pay it off in full... I think I would charge a few more holidays to it otherwise!

    Good luck with the goals and I'm looking forward to reading all about your 2015!

  14. hope you get to travel and have a wonderful year all round! also, i love your little bowtie, so cute and can make any outfit a bit more interesting! xx

  15. First off - You are the cutest in a bowtie!! I love the look on you!!

    As a fellow list lover, I can never truly get on board with resolutions. I've tried and I feel like I'm lying to myself and trying too hard to do what everyone else is doing. Don't get me wrong - I applaud anyone who wants to make changes. I swear by the mint app. It's been very helpful tackling those pesky finances. If you visit California - you should stop and say hello to me too! I hope this is a great New Year for you and your hubby!


  16. Lovely! You're adorable. Jenny is my favorite person in the world! Two goals I set for myself this year: Read 20 books, and attend 100 yoga classes. Have you ever been to Washington? If you feel up to exploring Seattle and need a guide, let me know! :)

  17. I am with you. I have a post in draft mode about 5 practical resolutions I've made that aren't really crazy or anything. . . .and one of them is to pay off Rob's school loan. I'm such a big girl. haha. I think it is fun when I see people say to give up choclate because I have easily gone more than six months without sweets just to try it out and everyone seems very into "lose weight" or "get into shape" rather than doing something that is actually somewhat enjoyable rather than hard haha. . . so my list is more of those types of things. Anyway. . .haven't posted it yet, but this post reminded me of it! I love your outfit here!!!! You are so adorable with your whole bowties being so cool (at least on you).

  18. It's nice to know that you are aiming for a debt-free life at such a young age. It's always best to prevent the debt from further piling up, because in that way, you can take countermeasures and be proactive in avoiding it again in the future. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Sara! All the best to you! :)

    Ebony Cooper @ Biz1


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