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This shirt did not want to stay tucked in correctly, but I just had to wear this shirt with this hat! My amazing friend Dan gifted me this incredible hat a few weeks back, and I could not wait to wear it on the blog. I then remembered that I have never worn this T-Shirt on the blog either, another gift from my cousin. Double-Doctor Who themed posts this week!

This is really my typical 'going out' outfit in the colder months. Either a fandom shirt, or a band shirt, a cardigan, skirt/skinnies and boots. Although this particular skirt is a little too tight just yet, it kept riding up all day. It is a good thing I was just in the house cooking on this particular day, or else everyone would have been blessed with the image of my round arse. 

I don't wear a lot of my T-shirts on the blog, but I do live in them at home. As soon as I get home from work, it is pajama pants/leggings and a T-shirt. I love cute, pajama sets, but the tops almost never get worn, because there is usually a clean T-shirt on top of the clean laundry pile. I think over the next few months I will try to sneak some more on the blog. I feel like with some red lipstick, a T-shirt is just classic. Even if there are Time Lords all over the front of it. ;)

Happy Friday!

Who 5
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Shirt, Necklace, & Hat -Gifts
Skirt-American Eagle Outfitters
Boots & Cardigan-Target
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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7 Musings

  1. That is seriously the perfect hat for you! And I'm with you, as soon as I get home at night it's yoga pants and a sweatshirt! Comfy is key for evenings at home!

  2. I love graphic and statement tees! Yours is cool and I love your sweater Sara. That hat was an excellent gift.

  3. Cute outfit! Pajama pants and t-shirts is all I wear around the house too! :)


  4. This is a super cute outfit! I love t-shirts and I always wear them, especially for work.

    I have a few skirts that are perfect for displaying my arse... I try to remember which ones haha

  5. Oh..you look just so amazing for the weekend! Great gift and gift ideas!

  6. oh my, i love all your doctor who items. that hat is just perfect! xx

  7. You ALWAYS look adorable!! I always love your outfits you put together because you pull them off so well! That hat is awesome!!



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