The Doctor

7:25 AM

Hand 2

My siblings and I have a few things in common: weird OCD tendencies, calling our Dad "Sasquatch", being loud when we get excited about something, and being overly blunt, especially with each other. It's always "don't eat that, you will get gas", or "have some gum, you need it", "you look like an idiot". or "god, you smell bad!". 

WELL, a few weeks ago, Kyle and I went for beers with my brother Mark, and I could tell throughout the whole night that he wanted to say something, but he was holding it in. Finally, after the 3rd, or 4th beer in, he blurts out: "I can't take anyone seriously when they look like Doctor Who!" and then following a long pause: "You look like Doctor Who!" I responded with: "But I win at looking like Doctor Who." 

We then high-five'd, and continued drinking. 

Hand 3 Hand 4

But really though, shouldn't a lady have a go at being the next Doctor? If only I were British. and had taken acting lessons. Le sigh.  I could still help out with wardrobe though, eh, Eh?


Coat & Necklace-Forever 21
Hat & Boots-Target
Purse-Urban Outfitters
Skirt & Scarf-Lauren 
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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9 Musings

  1. That is really funny, I love how you just were like yep, I win, and on we go!

    I love your layered look here, I may need to do the sweater over a dress thing soon, I really like that kind of look!

  2. looking like doctor who is definitely a win, ha! this's a lovely outfit:-) i've never been too eager to have a woman as the doctor, and i don't think it'll happen anytime soon, especially after the whole missy plot line. (still i wouldn't turn down the job if it was offered to me, haha!) x

  3. Lol Sasquatch, that's funny! And your siblings sound like mine. We are always poking fun at one another. I love it! What else are siblings for?? I'd rather be making fun and laughing at each other than fighting, that's for sure :)


  4. That's so funny!!

    I love this look btw. :) Cute background as well!

    xo - Sheila

  5. I feel like I would love your family! You totally win at being Doctor Who!


  6. I laughed that he said that you "look like Doctor Who" instead of "The Doctor" hahahahahaha. That is funny. You look beautiful and I like how you dress.

  7. This really made me laugh!! Aren't siblings wonderful? You look super cute btw. You really rock that outfit!


  8. My siblings and I are so different that we are incompatible as people and such haven't spoke to each other in two years or more! The overly blunt talking is pretty much an insult... sigh.

    You do look quite dapper :)

  9. i'll have to watch that show! i love british television shows. the actors are so superb!


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