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It has been so long since I have done a Mitten Eats post! 2012, actually. I haven't had the time to cook anything new lately, and when I do get around to cooking, I tend to cook the same things over and over. I just made another loaf of pumpkin banana bread, and I have some three bean chili on the menu for this week (you know, just in case you are in need of some fall eats). 

My friend Dale always writes up amazing blog posts featuring local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Melbourne, Australia. So I felt the need to share a great place in Michigan, Mudgie's! Since we were getting brunch with Kyle's family anyway, the timing was great. 

There are a lot of links in those two paragraphs. Sorry about that. Except not really, you should click on them all and check out all of the amazing things! Subtle is my middle name *wink wink*

mudgies2 mudgies3 mudgies4

Instead of a pic of my fugly mug, you get Michelle, and Chris, my sister and brother-law! They are photogenic photographers. It isn't even close to fair.

Anyway, Mudgie's is a cute, little locally-owned deli, located in Corktown, Detroit. I have been here several times, once for dinner, once for brunch, and a few lunches. The great thing about Mudgie's, is that their menu changes all of the time. They use local products whenever they can, roast their meats in house, and always have a decent selection of craft beers, wines, meads, and cocktails. They serve Great Lakes Coffee, so of course the coffee is great. 

I got the eggs florentine, and Kyle got the sausage gravy and biscuits. Both were amazing, and very filling. I don't remember what everyone else got, but everyone left fat and happy, so I am going to go ahead and say that whatever they ordered was good. 

Mudgies5 mudgies6 Mudgies7 Mudgies8

There you have it, a little peak inside a really yummy deli, that is really so much more than a deli. I highly recommend checking it out. For more info, check out their website. Happy Eats!

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13 Musings

  1. Oh man, I should never read posts like this when I'm hungry! I wish I could go there. Maybe if I visit someday!

  2. So when I come visit you, we'll go, right?

  3. Just a heads up, the banana bread recipe link doesn't work...

    The food looks nommy :)

  4. Looks so good! I always like seeing yummy food places even if they are far away from me :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. Yay I was mentioned, i feel special :)
    Love the pics and i always do the same thing i forget to write down what others eat so now i take pics of the menu.
    Thank you

  6. Thanks! I fixed the link. Sorry guys!

  7. Is it wrong to want to live here? Seriously though...cutest place ever - and the food looks INCREDIBLE!


  8. Oh, I'd love to go there! Love the review!

  9. Awesome food! Love the photos and words too!

  10. place looks amazing and looks like a lot of fun!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  11. It's so cute outside and in! Those dishes look FAB! So delish! I love the beverages they offer.


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