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10-7-2014 "Everything Will Be Alright In The End"  

This isn't the story of "Boy meets Girl", this is a Love story. 

Sarnia Bayfest, my first Weezer concert (I bought an enhanced ID just to go to Canada to see them)

I was young when Weezer broke out into the music scene, really young. I was 7 years old when Weezer formed in 1992, and 9 years old when The Blue Album became successful. I grew up in a household where the only music my parents listened to were oldies and/or country music (which is why to this day I cannot stand country music), so I really cannot say when I first heard "Undone-the sweater song", or "Buddy Holly". I had friends with older siblings who were always playing interesting music, so I assume I heard Weezer that way. 

However, the very first time that I heard a Weezer song, and immediately knew who they were has always stuck with me. Kyle and I were bowling with our friend Dan in Royal Oak (the bowling alley isn't even there anymore), I was in 11th grade, and "Photograph" came on over the speakers. There was a girl dressed in all black, with brightly colored hair, and she turned around to face the guy she was with and started singing along. I remember just sitting there and taking the song in, and really enjoying how I felt as I listened to it. I remember saying something to Kyle along the lines of "This is Weezer, I like them". A month or so later I bought a used copy of The Green Album from a record store on 9 mile in Ferndale, it was my first Weezer album.

1) Scott Shriner & myself/Weezer Cruise 2) Rivers Cuomo/Weezer Cruise 3) Brian Bell/Weezer Cruise 4) My friend Vera, Rivers, and I/Weezer Cruise

I slowly started accumulating more of their music over time, and I always would play one of their CD's whenever I felt down, because Weezer had this magical way of making me feel better. It wasn't that their music was always super uplifting, but just belting it out along with Rivers & co. was therapeutic.  However in 2008 when The Red Album was released, that was when the obsession began. I played that album to death, I am pretty sure Kyle was borderline hating Weezer at that point.  2008 was a rough year for me, I had a "real" full time job at that point, but I had also wanted to finish school, so I was going full time as well. I have always thrived on being busy, especially when studying something I was passionate about, but at the same time I felt very lonely and disconnected from the ones that I loved. It was the start of many changes in my life; I was finally going to get out of the community college that I had been drifting around in for years, Kyle and I were engaged at that point, and it felt like all of adulthood was crashing down on me at once. I spent a lot of time driving around blasting The Red Album, and I think because it was the first album to feature each member of the band on vocals on separate songs, I started to notice how much I appreciated each member of the band. 

No matter the content of the song, Rivers has this angst, this desperation in his voice that is just so convincing to me. Brian has a way of hugging the lyrics with that guitar, and giving them the extra push to make them true. Pat and Scott hammer everything together, sealing the song up in a complete package. 

Weezer at Caesars Windsor, 2013 

Of course, not everyone agrees with me, and I don't expect them to. To me however, this band is everything. I have never received a letter from a young girl in Japan, and fallen in love with her. How could I possibly relate to "Pink Triangle", "Perfect situation",  or "In the garage" (other than being a fellow dork) for that matter? I can't. I can relate to the complete sincerity that is delivered with each song, the ability to capture experience, a moment, or even just acknowledging an emotion. Weezer represents the underdog, the beta male. That is how I fell in love with an entire band. 

My first tattoo 

1) Weezer Cover band 2) Kyle, myself, and Pat/Weezer Cruise

We met my heros, and gave them bunny ears

How do you express a love for a band that has gotten you through some really shitty times? How do you explain that an album, Pinkerton, gave you a sympathetic hug, while simultaneously tugging at your heart strings? 

You can start by terrorizing your husband non-stop for years on end. Every time Kyle walked into the door after working a long day he was greeted with "I am the greatest man that ever lived" blaring in his ears, he would scream "NO YOU'RE NOT, RIVERS!" and slam the door. Each time we got in the car and I would casually ask if Kyle wanted to listen to music, Kyle would say yes, only to frantically hide my Ipod before I could plug it in and play Weezer. He had to endure two years of me crying hysterically wistfully talking about how amazing it would have been to go on that first Weezer cruise, knowing damn well we could never afford to go. The things we do for love, correct?

Weezer cruise

Although I can't bring myself to give a review of their latest album, only because I love it too much and will have a biased opinion, I can say that it really is everything a Weezer could have asked for in an album since the 90's. Personally, I love all of their albums, but EWBAITE is an album about music. They are acknowledging past mistakes with music, not that they regret any of it (and they really shouldn't), and are proving that they are just here to rock out and have fun, and this album is saturated in that sentiment. 

I know at this point most of you guys are rolling your eyes, or scratching your heads in confusion. I know, this primarily a personal style blog, but it it is also a life blog, and Weezer is a big part of my life. I just love it when I see someone so passionate about something, that they cannot even find words to express their excitement, or they are talking so fast, or screaming so loud, that you have no idea what they are talking about. They have let something become such a huge, passionate part of them, and it is apparent. That is how I feel about Weezer, it is simply, love. 

Weezer Cruise

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  1. I like reading about the things you love, and your life as well as your personal style. :D

    Also, my ex used to sing the opener "Goddamn you half-Japanese girls..." a lot because, well. :D

  2. I think it's awesome you have something like this that you're so passionate about! I have no problem reading about it - and honestly I was quite jealous of your Weezer cruise last year!

  3. I keep commenting on your google+ because comments haven't been working using my openID lately. GRR! I don't like commenting without it. haha.

  4. are a true fan! I remember my love for the sweater song!

  5. If you could have Weezer Day..what day would it be? & what would you feast on? Great post!

  6. Your love for Weezer is like my love for Demi, or Switchfoot. :D

  7. You are one big fan!!!

  8. What a fabulous tribute to them! I know you love them. It's great they got you through life's moments. Awesome.

  9. I love hearing peoples passions about what they care about, it makes people so beautiful in my opinion.

    There are certain bands that I have soft spots for and I love putting them on and remembering the music from years and years ago. I don't think I have an ultimate band like this though :)


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