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I swear this is a cute outfit, but I have no idea why I can never manage to get good shots of these shorts before they get all wrinkly, le sigh. I guess this is honest blogging. Whatever. 

I bought some necklaces the other week, because Forever 21 had them buy one, get one free, and you can't beat that! I almost never buy jewelry because I lose it (I once lost my wedding/engagement rings for over ten days and was freaking out! Kyle found them. In my jewelry box), but costume-type jewelry is cheap and always looks cooler than the fancy stuff, in my opinion. 

carl2 carl3

We have yet another jam-packed weekend ahead of us, and I am super excited, but also looking forward to some down time come November. I want to spend a weekend with Kyle, just watching movies, or walking the pups to get coffee. Maybe we will even get around to finishing the living room that has been torn apart for a month. Who knows! We also have plans to catch up with some of our other friends who we haven't seen in awhile either, but all of this socialization is pushing my introverted limits. I may just hibernate for a month, that's cool right?


Cardigan & Purse-Target
Necklace & Shorts-Forever 21
Glasses-Warby Parker

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10 Musings

  1. I hear you on wanting to spend a month hibernating!! I love the sweater, I have seen it on a bunch of bloggers now and I am convinced I need it!

  2. you look lovely! very pretty glasses and necklace! It looks pretty indeed!
    oh Fall is always so tricky with plans, who know what would end up with

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Beautiful post! Love the necklace!

  4. Sweet outfit! Great sweater!

  5. Your tassel necklace is so pretty Sara. I love gold jewelry this time of year. F21 always has awesome accessories. I love black and your mustard sweater. Looks great together. I had a pair of shorts like that, and they do wrinkle...ALWAYS! LOL You should've seen how wrinkled mine was. Yours looks perfect!

  6. Cute, youthful look. I'm a big fan of leotards and tights, probably 'cause I wish I could dance. And your necklace is artsy.

  7. Every fall I want to steal your outfits.

  8. YES to Forever 21 jewelry - LOVE that necklace! I refuse to buy expensive jewelry, as well - it's always costume for me!


  9. If I have too much social time, I need to go into a bit of hibernation after. We have family coming to us for the holidays so I'm thinking some hibernation might be necessary there.


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