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So I totally did not realize that I basically already posted this outfit earlier this summer, whoops. I wasn't going to post these, but Kyle took the time to take them, so I guess we get a do-over. Are you guys tired of this hat yet? I think it is safe to say that I should pick up more hats on my next shopping trip. I have a few new fall things that I managed to stash away, so I will have some new things to show off, instead of the same old dress over, and over again. 

Work has been insane lately! We were really slow before Labor Day, then all of a sudden we picked back up again. Just in time for a giant, new upgrade to our computer system. We are now using Office 2013 (it's pretty sexy!) and we are on all whole new environment. All of my data-input software for the Transportation department is there when I log into our new system, instead of on a separate desktop. That was probably the most boring paragraph that has ever been on this blog, but I am so excited that everything is finally starting to run smoother at work.  Most importantly, I got a new hard drive, mouse, and key board! I feel so fancy. We still have a few bigger projects to get through this year in both of the departments I work for, but is always nice coming in to work and having things that work properly. Huzzah!


Wednesday night is movie night at the Gerard residence! Kyle and I used to be pretty adamant about making time to watch/go to a movie each week, and we kind of fell off of the bandwagon. I blame TV shows on Netflix, not that I don't mind binge -watching Supernatural, but it is nice to break up the routine. I especially like movie nights because Kyle and I eat together for once (I tend to eat before he gets home, because food), and there are always snacks. We have been on a Halloween Oreo kick lately, even though they taste EXACTLY like regular Oreos. But they are different, because they are ORANGE. I know, I am five. 

The best part about movie night? We take the pups out for a walk first, and then they want to cuddle. Kyle, myself, Louie, and Joseph, all on one, beat up couch. Sometimes, if the dogs are being really quiet, the cats will come out and chill out on the back of the couch. ALL of the fur-baby cuddles!


Dress & Purse-Thrifted
Boots & Hat-Target 
Earrings- c/o Anjolee

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11 Musings

  1. I don't care that it's an outfit re-do, it's a cute outfit! I love your hat, I'm not tired of it! And your movie night sounds great! We do movie nights on Fridays a lot, we put Ollie to bed and then crash on the couch with the kitties! It is fun!

  2. Cute cute cute Sar! I love that your lippy matches the skirt half there <3 Also, oreos are oreos are oreos. NOM. I used to have an addiction to the things... I'm proud to say I've only had 4? in about 6 months. And they were peanut butter. YUM.

    Love your necklace and your guts!

  3. I'll bet if you do a survey all the readers will say it's such a great dress and cute outfit who cares if it's a redo. So, how's my favourite hipster? You are a hipster ya know. But that's good because some people should be. My son sometimes accuses me of being one but I say I am too old. I am also way too lazy to go seeking out hip new indie things so I rely on Gian Gommeshi to give me doses of hipster tunes.

    Movie night in a pile of husband and fur babies sounds awesome. Lucky you!

    Stay adorable!
    Now, I'm gunna go and prove I'm not a robot.

  4. I could never get sick of this cute outfit! I love the dress. Movie night sounds awesome! Especially all the snacks and snuggles.

  5. You look cute in hats. You have the charisma to pull them off. (I sadly do not.)

    I vote you bring back Movie Night! BTW, have you seen Rory as a hitman? (I reviewed "Violet & Daisy" on Facebook.)

  6. I am trying to keep up with with but once again you are on a roll :), Since i moved our spare t.v to the bedroom (naughty of me) Kim reads a book and i watch movies. I wish we had netflix :(
    Its nice to spend some time together.

  7. I adore this summer outfit! Boots and all! Oh..I gotta new computer at work too. At least I have a snippet tool now..Working at City never actually get anything new. At least not in our department, but the Tech person I work with always does a great job getting everything going. At least I'm not in at the clock in station anymore..where I have to get up and stop what I'm working on so people can clock in.

  8. Such a great summer dress! You are always inspiring!

  9. Hathathat! I LOVE your headwear - too fab! I had no clue that Oreo had released a special Halloween version!!


  10. I say, so nice post twice! Love your dress. Anything that makes your job easier is a good thing. I like that the company you work for is proactive. Movie night is awesome! Glad you two are revisiting that again.

  11. I can totally appreciate a little bit of smooth working in the work place. I'm happy for you! The place I work, it isn't so organised haha. Our idea of an upgrade is to replace a broken machine with a machine that the company no longer makes just because it's cheaper. sigh.

    I didn't even notice that I had seen this dress before ;)


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