Little Bits: Round Two

1:02 PM

Another busy weekend in the bag, and it looks like several more still ahead. Slow down and you die, correct? 

Friday night we were supposed to take my kid brother Liam to a Ferndale High School football game, mostly to check out the marching band (he plays the trumpet). However, Armageddon decided to happen instead, so we altered our plans and took him out for pizza. My brother Mark joined in, and we ended up dropping Liam off and staying out for a couple of beers. 

Saturday, Kyle and I headed out to run some errands. We Got groceries, pumpkin spice lattes from Biggby, new shoes from Payless (most of Kyle's were ruined in the flood, and I just wanted new shoes), and Kyle got a fancy new haircut! We then headed home so that we could get ready for my cousin Jeremy's wedding, which was really beautiful! Of course, Kyle and I were late, but we had fun seeing everyone. We get to do it all again next month for my cousin Heather's wedding, but then I don't think there are anymore weddings planned after that, so we have to enjoy getting all dressed-up and whatnot while we can. 

On Sunday, we had tentative plans for the renfest, but no one really knew what was going on. We ended up going a bit later on in the day, which worked out pretty well because that meant I had time to clean up the house a bit. We got bagels, caramel apple ciders, packed up beers, and headed out. It was a really beautiful day, and I was happy to hangout with a bunch of our friends again. I also got to meet my favorite doctor! I spotted this guy dressed as the Fourth doctor and bolted after him to get a pic, he was so happy!  We ended the night with pizza, beer, and some Harry Potter with our friend Dan and the pups. 

I cannot wait to get home and take the dogs out for a walk tonight (they have been spoiled rotten hanging out at my parent's house with their dogs all weekend), because it is starting to get cooler at night and it feels like fall! 

Now my 15 minute break is up, and I have to get back to work. fun stuff. 

1) Renfest look selfie
2) Kyle's new hipster haircut!
3) Our place card at the wedding on Saturday.
4) Four and I. 

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10 Musings

  1. Such wonderful photos! & adventures you two have been on! The deer ate my sad.

  2. Love that you know who! Loved your costume too!

  3. Sounds like another epic and awesome weekend for you! Love the pictures!

  4. Love the pics, never enough time on the weekend :S

  5. Pizza! Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Beer and a wedding!?! Sounds like a hap hap happening weekend to me Plus new shoes! Fabulous!

  6. You have the cutest face! and I need to get Kris to have a haircut, thanks for the reminder. Hipster bf's are all the rage lately :)

  7. I love reading about your weekend...they are so packed and fun!

  8. How awesome is your Renfest look?! Love it! Have fun with the pups! I wish it would start feeling like fall here - we're still in triple digit temps!


  9. looks fun! love reading about your weekends!


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