Autumn Vibes

11:00 AM


Seriously, that post title has to be lamer than pants (see what I did there?).  Alas, here we are. Do you what is not lame? This scarf. It is vintage, and pretty, and I want to wear it with everything right now. It was one of two purchases  from El Dorado in Corktown when I went with my brother, and sister in-law a few weeks back. I wanted the rest of my outfit to be a little more subtle, so that the scarf stood out, but I didn't have a decent, plain top around. I then saw my ballet leotard sitting out and viola! 

Of course after wearing this outfit out to a festival, and then a bar, consuming several beers along the way, having to basically undress in order to pee was interesting. My advice? Do do that. 

IMG_8347 IMG_8353

I love going through all of our photos after Kyle has had the camera, Typically, I find pics of my ass that I delete, but sometimes I get beautiful flowers! Kyle planted these earlier in the summer, and they are so lovely. I LOVE wildflowers, and I want to plant more next year along the yard line. Hopefully there will be a nice, new fence behind them instead of our mutilated metal one, but still. SO pretty, and they seem to have stood strong against the summer elements, and the giant helpings of dog pee. 

Detail shot of the scarf, look at all of its majesty! 


After a busy weekend, and a busy start to the week, I am looking forward to hanging out with Harry Potter tonight, snuggled in between the pups. I would include the cats, but they are too busy plotting our deaths on account of us bringing home another dog. Le sigh. 

Scarf-El Dorado 
Jacket, & belt-Modcloth
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Earrings- c/o Anjolee 
Glasses-Warby Parker

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10 Musings

  1. Very pretty scarf! It is very autumnal. I don't know that I would survive in an outfit with a leotard - but you pull it off well!

  2. LOVE the outfit!! You have great style! That scarf is amazing! The comment about the cats made me laugh... out loud... in my office. Pretty sure my office roommate thinks I'm insane now :)


  3. You look gorgeous, as always. Although, I can imagine undressing completely to pee is a bit of a pain! That second shot of you is just stunning.

  4. I revisiting my love for jeans at the moment, so I love this outfit!
    Such lovely flowers too. Kris always takes boob shots when he has the camera, or unflattering shots of my chin... I always delete in the chin shots ;)

  5. That scarf really is awesome! Such a pretty piece. I think this outfit turned out super cute even if you had to basically undress when you went out that night. I avoid rompers and other pieces like that when I know I'll be drinking! It's such a pain!

    Jamie |

  6. As always, you're adorable, and I want your wardrobe.

  7. Great look.
    Love the jacket and scarf.
    Your glasses look so good on you♥

  8. Le sigh...Sara this is so my kind of outfit - love it! That scarf and those boots are just gorgeous!


  9. Sara, you look so beautiful. That scarf is gorgeous and I love your top. So ballet inspired. The deep scoop back. Look at YOU! Also, loving your makeup!


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